Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lets Meet Josh Harper.....Pro Form Fitness by Josh

Josh Harper,  he is a Husband, Father and a Personal Trainer. 

Today I am going to introduce you to him. 

Now a year or so ago when I first started the gym, I would go all the time, every morning in fact.  I was very intimidated by the gym, kind of like high school all over again.  I would only stay on the cardio and machine side of the gym.  There were a few guys over there working out and they looked scary and mean and I didn't want to go near them.  Well come to find out that after talking all that mess to T about these guys at the gym, those guys ended up being really friendly and nice and actually helped me along the way big time in getting on a path to being fit.  One of those guys, Josh Harper.

I found out that Josh and I are a lot alike in some ways.  A husband that has so many nice things to say about his wife. Feel like I know her too.  A father that talks non stop about his two boys lets call them Big J and Little J.  A hard worker that works too much and has to travel a lot due to his position in the company that he has worked at for such a long time.  Josh gets his workout in the morning before a long day and then is lucky enough to get to spend the late afternoon and evening with his lovely family.  Did I mention that he wants to look like me too. I know hard to believe isn't it!

So when I asked Josh about different workouts he didn't waste any time in helping me.  He handed me his notebook with his workouts in it.  Everything from the exercises to what to do on the certain days and the weights he was doing.  This was unreal.  How could this guy, a person that I never even wanted to talk to be this nice?  Well as luck would have it, this is what he wanted to do.  He was looking for a person to help just as much as I was looking for help.

After several months of training and measuring my body FAT (yes I have plenty of it) I had gotten into a great routine and made awesome strides and gains as well as losses.  All due to Josh and his plan of steady working out from 5am to 7am and eating right.  T still says to this day, you ate better when Josh was training you...I just roll my eyes and move on. Only because she is right.

Upon finding out that Josh finished his personal training certification, I made sure that I jumped at the chance to help him out since he was one of the main reasons that I have fallen in love with going to the gym.  I called him and wanted to help him start a blog that he can eventually turn into a dotcom and use it to gain new trainees and followers and build and expand a business that he also loves.  He is so excited about this new opportunity and cant wait to start training new people. He is also looking into getting certified to become a Crossfit Instructor as well.

Here is where you come in. My trusty, faithful readers, followers, any of you and all of you.  I want you to go to Pro Form Fitness By Josh check out his blog that is still under construction and join him as well and tell him or ask him about something along the health, fitness lines of what you are wanting to know.  Tell him and give him ideas and suggestions on what you think readers would like to see on his blog.  Don't take my word for it, go hit him with your best shot and you will see that he is in my opinion going to be the best personal training option in West Ga. and that's just to start.

Go now!  Also find him on twitter @FitnessbyJoshH

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