Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day.

Saturday night as the kids fell asleep with T in the bed I went out to the living room got my pillow and blanket ready for the night on the couch and I thought about how lucky I am.  I am so lucky to have a wife that is a great mother and even more lucky that the kids already know how lucky they are too.

The kids made a card, C1 and C3 had cut and made their own hearts to glue on the card. C2 added some that we cut and I did C4's work for him. I did my usual handy work and stole some paper from T's scrapbook stuff and made her a card. She so loves when I steal from her scrapbook collection.

I had her coffee ready Sunday morning and I went and got us all breakfast.  Then she had the shopping experience she always wanted...Grocery shopping that is, all by herself. She actually loved that.  She got home and we had some cuddle time while we watched a few shows we had to catch up on...Just cuddle and tv, nothing

Then the plan was for me...(YES ME) to cook her a nice steak, shrimp, crab cakes dinner with corn on the cob, rolls, veggies but something happened as we were prepping the kitchen...

A damn wooden chair jumped out and hit me in the eye.  Hurt really bad. Bleeding and T wanted to put superglue on my eyelid...Ummm NO!  I put some ice and that was it.  She started making jokes that "This is what you do to get out of cooking me dinner?"  "This is what happens when you don't get me a good Mothers Day gift!"  "Keep it up and you will have one on your other eye!"  She is too sweet.  Chair-1 and Me-0.

Dinner was great. Very nice.

As I rolled over to go to sleep last night, I once again remembered how lucky I am to have such a great wife who is also a great mom.  I may be the one who sits at a job all day and is gone away from home, but T is the one that is there all day doing it all.

I hope she really did enjoy her Mothers Day as much as I really do enjoy seeing her be a MOM.

Love ya honey.

Kiss The Baby



Anonymous,  May 15, 2012 at 8:47 PM   Reply to

Real life romance is the best. A black eye, a few laughs with a friend and a good meal. Not a bad life.


christopher (@twistedxtian) May 16, 2012 at 8:40 AM   Reply to

Those are some violent chairs y'all keep down there. I'll stick with the cold any day over chairs that jump up and smack me in the face. :D

Happy Mother's day, T!

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