Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Something happened to me.

Something has happened to me.  Something is wrong with me.  I used to not be like this. Am I finally growing up?  Damn, now that I am almost 40 years old, married for twelve years and the father of four C's can it be true?  Am I changing?

History lesson. Quick.  Four things off the top of my head that I, and I use this word with all intentions...Hate.  There are four things that I hate.  Yes, that is a strong word but it is what it is.  These four things I have not been a fan of for all the years of my life as long as I can remember.

Lets go over them.

The Dentist.  Hate. Don't care how nice or even how hot they may be.  Don't care how much gas they give me, I don't like the dentist and I never will. Now don't get me wrong I don't have black or missing Chiclets and I do take care of my teeth, I just don't like the dentist.

Frogs.  Frogs are like a horror movie to me. They will kill me. I am scared to death of frogs.  I have been for the longest time.  The sound, the sight.  A couple weeks ago T put a fake frog down in the storage room where I have to go to get the dog food and when I turned and saw it, I jumped and screamed.  T and the C's thought it was really funny. It wasn't.

Pot Roast.  Nasty.  I'm sorry. I don't care who makes it, where it comes from...It is nasty.  I got in trouble as a kid for taking the roast and sticking it in a large mason style jug.  I was kind enough to cork it back, but after a few smelled.  Now since I made the mistake of telling our friend how great her pot roast was one night (Laura) T remembered that and I now have to suffer through eat hers too.

Bananas.  I don't ever remember liking bananas.  Not even as a kid.  My mean Aunt Toni (kidding about the mean part)  used to try and make me eat these and other good foods at her house. My PoP PoP used to try and get me to eat these on fishing trips.  NO way.  Even as a grown man, the smell made me want to throw up.  I couldn't even peel one for the kids without being disgusted. 

Fast forward to my awesome age of 39.  Just a few weeks ago, I was so hungry and I was feeling lazy and didn't want to make anything to eat. OK, here it comes....The surprise of a lifetime....

....I ate a banana. (trumpets started playing)  I ate the whole thing. Didn't even puke either. And the worst part about it, it wasn't even that bad.  I actually liked it. Can you believe that?  Me liking bananas.  Well now I have been eating them in the morning before the gym. I know right, me eating a banana at 5am.  I even went to the grocery store trying to buy some, but since I have never even looked for them in my life....yeah, I had no idea of where they were.

So after 39 years of life I have changed.  For the better I guess. I'm eating bananas. Now the dentist, frogs and pot roast...Forget it. Well unless T forces me to eat the roast.

Kiss The Baby



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