Friday, May 4, 2012

We tried Separating

We jumped the gun on getting divorced.  I hate divorce and we talked about it and we were both upset and just didn't want to deal with the b.s. anymore.  T and I had been exploring options for a while but at the end we just felt it was the right thing to do.  It was going to be hard on us and hard on the kids.  We took steps to make it easier and we told the kids and they seemed to understand at first.  Then it all hit during the middle of the week.  All the pressure and all the stress of separating was becoming too much to bear for both T and I.  She was having trouble dealing with it, I was having trouble dealing with her and the kids were becoming ill and C2 was very vocal about his unhappiness over what was going on.  So during the middle of the week T and I sat down and we had a long talk about trying to work it out.  At the end of our talk, we both decided that we would give it another try.

We would give DirecTv another shot.  That's right, the separation from DirecTv was made one week ago and it has been hell on all of us. I couldn't get the damn antenna up and get a signal, I couldn't get one single local station.  We tried streaming most of the shows we watch but the PLAYON thing that has most of the local station sucks ass.  Netflix and Hulu+ we will still use but for the most part all the other stuff sucks.  The Roku is good, that thing works great.  I think we will be returning one of them and keeping one.  The DirecTv deal will be mostly to have local channels.

Its so funny that after being a customer for 10 years and calling them all the time to get a better deal and offer, they always tell me no and give me the cheap movie options.  When you actually call them and cancel your service they call you all day long every day to come back.  T got them on the phone, told them I ripped the stuff down and they were going to have to bring new stuff out.  They are bringing out new dvr's and a new dish and giving us a great price for 2yrs and we will have the local channels.

Everyone is happy.  So while we thought it was going to be a good idea, we are still saving money but we wont have the stress of trying to do something that I have no idea about. Also means I don't have to get my clumsy ass up on the roof.


Soccer tomorrow. C2 has the first game of his tournament. Then Sunday and then Monday. Time to put it all together and whoop some ass.  Lets do this.


This week was the first week in months that I have hit the gym all 5 days. Not missing one single day.  I feel good and had some great workouts. I am back. Now that the routine of getting up is back in effect, I will have no problem getting there. BOOM!

Kiss the Baby



Brad Jenkins May 4, 2012 at 11:07 AM   Reply to

I love misdirection. Well done. We divorced Direct TV about 8 months ago and don't miss it. Fortunately, our antennae gets about 18 channels, including all the local stuff in HD, so once I got used to no Sportcenter, or just having the TV on in the background for noise, it was fine. Sorry you couldn't cut the proverbial cord.

Chels May 4, 2012 at 1:02 PM   Reply to

So, I'm admittedly WAY behind on reading blogs. So when I read the first paragraph of this one, I about crapped a brick.

Nicely done.

mrsbrightside78 May 4, 2012 at 3:14 PM   Reply to

I saw that title and was got me!

Mama Bennie May 4, 2012 at 4:06 PM   Reply to

I despise DirecTV. We have Dish now. We pay $45 for 120 channels. We pay all of our bills up front for the year with our tax return though so it doesn't bug me.

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