Monday, May 7, 2012

Wee-Kend Fun......Soccer and TV

Damn, what a weekend.  It was a crazy weekend.

Saturday morning, early in the morning. Game 1 of the U8 soccer tournament.   What a battle.  Man, I felt so stressed watching this game. We had it. We really did have it. Then at the end....we lost it. That was a heart breaker to lose.

Then yesterday, we had another tough game.  Had this one too. And then again at the end..Lost it. 

I have to give it to our kids and the team.  They played very hard all season long and Saturday and Sunday they really gave it their all.

They have the final game of the season tonight and I wont be there but I am sure hoping that they play hard and finish with a victory.  I am proud of the way the team has played all season long.

I am proud of the way C2 has played.  He has had his share of good games and bad games.  Whats awesome is that after a bad game, he always comes back and plays harder than before.  That is all I ask of him is to try hard and play hard the entire game.

Good season bud. I love you.

And late Saturday afternoon, we renewed our vows with DirecTv.  It wasn't easy as the installers kept their shoes on inside the house and that ate at me, but they fixed everything and the kids (and T and I) were enjoying TV again that evening.

I'm ready for another week. I'm not sure what the week will bring but I am hoping it will bring some great opportunity and news.  Guess i will see.

Kiss The Baby



Tracy May 8, 2012 at 9:12 AM   Reply to

They should have shoe covers for themselves.

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