Friday, June 29, 2012

Fridays Final Thoughts 6-29-12...Design Time

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I got hooked on Groupon.  It just happened. I just recently bought a pair of earbuds for my phone to listen to music. Great deal.  Then I got the Reebok Groupon and it gave me money off shoes or clothing. So I am going to get these shoes.

I have not picked my pair out yet.  I was kind of set on getting the bright yellow pair.  Something different ya know.  But then I get an email with a picture of some shoes.

This was the first pair I saw in a picture sent to me from T.  It was designed with all the kids' favorite colors.  Yellow for C1, Blue for C2, C3 is the Pink and C4 is the Orange.  T is the Red on the bottom and looks like Red laces too.

I saw these and FELL IN LOVE.  Those are kick ass right there.

But the kids had to get in on the action.

This is the design that C1 came up with. His favorite color is yellow, that's why the shoes are mostly yellow. Notice the 4Cs on the back of the shoe. Cool!

C2 had his turn. And that boy looks like he had fun.  The back of the show says
"Daddy Love U" 

I think it is so cool that Reebok is doing this.  I know other companies do it too but I am a fan of Reebok and I love that I could be wearing a pair of shoes that either have the kids' favorite colors on them or were designed by them.  The best part, the shows will have in some way shape or form the 4C's on them.

Kiss The Baby




Thursday, June 28, 2012

New and Improved Crossfit Page Starts Tomorrow.

So as I wrote yesterday, I had my Crossfit page stolen by the gods of the internet.  Actually I'm just not that smart and I did something to it and now it's gone. T even looked for it and it could not be found.  That was the bad part.

Now for the good part.  I am restarting that page and I am going to be making it better.  Better for you and better for me.  How will I do that you may be asking.....If you are not asking yourself that then please take a moment and just do it for me, ask that question.  Ok.

I have learned so much about Crossfit over the past year, but over the past few months I have really stepped up my own personal game and I have become more invested in the learning of everything.  One huge thing I have noticed is that if you consider yourself a Crossfitter or a Crossfit Athlete then you consider yourself somewhat a teacher.  Even if you are not a certified coach, you are always willing to spread the word of Crossfit and help others that are doing it or interested in the sport.  I still to this day get daily tips and words of encouragement from so many.  I read so much about it.  I study it.  When at the gym, this is what I am working on, trying to be better at this.

So starting tomorrow you will see an all new Crossfit page from me.  You will see the daily Wod's I do, some videos here and there, tips and links to my favorite Crossfit sites.  You will see times and rep's and round counts with the amount of weight I have done and I will also be posting the same of others.  I will be doing this to make you want to do this.  To make you want to be better.  To make you healthy, and I want to make it fun.  Everyone that I have talked to either in person or online that does Crossfit have the one main thing in common....They are fun.

I will be introducing you to some people that I use as motivators and online coaches in my own personal world of Crossfit.

The very first person that introduced me to Crossfit, the one that talks shit to me and pushes me too... GasFamily, she knows who she is.  My 100% absolute favorite Crossfit site, Crossfit Cedar Park.  That is my go to site and when they hire me to expand and open a BOX here in Ga. for them it will be all good.  Dave and Robin T. and Scott and Nikki I. have been there for me to instruct me as if I were right there with them.

So if you are into fitness then that is great. If you are into working out that is awesome.  Everyone has their own thing.  If you are into blasting your body for a limited amount of time and feeling so good after you are done, then Crossfit is for you. 

I hope I am the one that introduces you to the world of Crossfit.  You will thank me later.

New Page starts tomorrow.

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In The Blink Of An Eye

WOW. Had that great blogging experience today as I was typing on my Crossfit page and right in the middle of it....



Every workout logged and video logged that I have posted since June 7 is gone.

Damn Im pissed.

Guess if I can't find them and get them back up, I will start over.

Kiss The Baby.



Monday, June 25, 2012

Listen Up

Funny. Over the weekend I learned a valuable lesson. 

Give SOME people an inch and they will take that mile and then some. 

SOME people will mistake OUR kindness for weakness.

Those SAME people will think they are hurting OUR feelings but what they are really doing is making US stronger.

Funny thing about a FAMILY.....Whether it's in people or animals the young ones always know who to run back to when they feel the need to be safe and secure.  They always know where the den is and they always know who will have their back at ALL times.

Blame nature, blame others.  Look in the mirror and see that mistakes and problems are usually the fault of your own.

NEVER think that OUR kindness makes us weak.  And look in that mirror and know that YOU are the one with the weakness and that weakness is YOUR lack of kindness.

Often those that spend most of their time teaching lessons are the ones that need to be spending more time learning.

Its lesson time!

Kiss The Baby



Friday, June 22, 2012

Time To Make Some Roster Cuts.....

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 You know this is going to be one of those post where I bitch and moan about something for a minute. If you don't want to read it then go ahead and take your ass on somewhere else.

Recently I have been looking in my contacts in my phone.  I have a lot of contacts in there. But I'm starting to wonder why?  Who are these people?  Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Business people?  I'm know exactly who they are.  I know exactly why the phone numbers are in there.

Then I started to look at my call log.  You know whats messed up?  Well to me anyways...About 90% of my calls are all outgoing.  Yeah.  That's right.  Now the reason that seems to bother me is that I am now thinking a few things. 

First.  I need to delete some of the people in my contacts.  Simple.

Second.  It seems that I am the one putting in effort to check in on friends and family and see how they are doing and I don't think those same people are giving a shit about how me and my family are doing.  When I call friends and family, I make a point to ask "How is so and so?" and "How are the kids?" or even "How has work been?".  So that makes me feel a little bit on the pissy side, like wait...These same people don't give two shits about my wife?  My kids? Hmmmmm.

Third.  Would these same people be there for me like I would be there for them.  I have a select number of friends that IF (keyword there) they called me I would help in any way shape or form that I could.  I would be there in any fashion.  I don't feel like I would get that back in return.

Some of these people that I'm talking about and that I will be deleting would say.."Sorry, been busy with work and all"  Shit please. I work 12 damn hours a day and drive and hour to and from work.  Simple "Hey how have you been" take two minutes.  But you know what.  I'm cool. This got it off my chest.  I'm all good now.  If you call me and it goes to voicemail that probably means that I took your number out and don't remember it.

Last.  I have one person. My best friend. My partner in crime.  My soldier that lines up with me. The one that I KNOW FOR SURE I can count on...


Even as good as a wife she is and as great as a friend she is....she gets tired of me talking about the same shit, bitching and complaining about the same shit day after day.  She doesn't want to hear me talk about the gym every day, work every day, Crossfit every day, sports...etc....

But I thank her and love her for pretending and acting as if she cares and I also love her for looking at me and nicely saying


Rant over.

Have a great weekend.

Kiss the Baby



Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not On The Same Page

I guess I need to start this post by admitting that I haven't read Lisa Bloom's book, I haven't done intense research on this story, I have only seen the 3:45 video clip on Yahoo in which she talks about the Three Biggest Fears for Raising Boys Today.

I know that she is painting with a broad brush and she is not intending to group every kid into the same category.  I just wanted to give my quick take on her three points that were in the video.  Agree or disagree, I'm fine with what you think. We are all different and we are all trying to do the best we can in raising our sons and daughters.

Watch the video.

The three threats from her are.....

1. Too Much Arrogance.  One could say that I am an arrogant person myself. Cocky.  But you know what, being a grown man now I have learned that there is that line of arrogance to confidence.  I will do my best to teach my boys to be confident and to not cross that line of arrogance.  Arrogant is not cool, it isn't funny, and for kids it isn't smart. But confidence is.  And the best thing about confidence is that it breeds confidence. If I show confidence in what I am doing, then I bet C1 will see that and C2 will then see it and all the way down to C4.  Confidence not Arrogance.

2. Boys Think Reading is Girly.  I'm wondering where she got this info from. Maybe a poll or asked some random boys.  In our house, we all read. In fact C1 and C2 LOVE to read. They read every night. They read to us, they read by themselves. C4 loves to read and be read to.  So I'm not sure why we are suppose to think that reading is girly but...well hell, I'm not even sure what that means.

3. Joblessness Creates Hopelessness.  I cant go too much into detail on this one because none of my boys are older than eight.  Jobs, they have jobs sure, clean your room. And we are not calling what they do jobs, they have responsibilities that they have to keep up with. 

Lisa Bloom is a smart woman. Very smart. Maybe I have to read the book to get the better meaning of what she is trying to say. Maybe I will hit her up and get her to send me a copy of the book.

Raise em right.

Kiss the baby




Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Time To Hit Refresh.

Lately I have been fighting each and every battle with the kids.

I have forgotten that this is a marathon and not a sprint.

I have not been doing what got me to this point of being a better father.  The understanding, the talking, the asking, the letting some things go...I have been jumping on each and every little thing that they do.

Its not about the battle, its about the war.

Its not about how you start its about how you finish.
I don't have to win every time.

There is no need for me to have the last word.

I heard a quote last week and it has stuck with me but has been harder to live by than I expected. Now I don't remember the quote word for word but it goes something like this

"Don't focus on being mad at everything, only focus on the things that make you really mad"

I think what that meant is, I don't have to make a big deal about everything. I don't have to be such a dick when it all breaks down and things go wrong.  Things are going to go wrong and things will happen, I just have to do a better job in deciding which things are the ones to get mad about.

Kids are kids and not adults. I have to remember that.

Time to refresh and get back on track doing what I have been. 

kiss the baby



Friday, June 15, 2012

My Dad Was Annoying As I Was Growing Up

My dad is going to read this and he may think to himself  "Damn, my son is a jerk" but growing up my dad was kind of annoying.  More than just a little. A lot!!

Dad, take that as a compliment. Honestly. Let me explain why.

Growing up as a only child I had it both ways. Spoiled and had to work hard for benefits that I would receive from my dad.  Being a Military man, a Army J.A.G. Officer, a college grad, a lawyer, the youngest son in a big family my dad had to have know that what he was doing to me was the right thing to do.  He had to have known that by teaching me the way he did was going to make a difference in my life.

This is what I had to go through.  "Dad, whats 4+4?"  Simple question.  He could have made it simple and given two sets of 4 things and let me count them to get the answer. NO!  He had to give me 8 separate things and show me that there were so many different ways to get to eight.  "Yes Scott, 4+4 does equal 8, but you can get to 8 any number of ways."  That was annoying.  "Scott, you need to mow the grass this way"....Damn, I hated that.  But it made sense.  Nothing was ever simple and easy. It just wasn't.

But as I near the age of 40 and I have four kids of my own, I see that he actually knew what the hell he was doing.  He was actually right just about all of the time.  That was the worst part. As a kid, you don't want your parents to be right.

I am now in the position that he was in all those years ago.  I am having the same discussions, same lectures, same talks about chores, about eating, playing, listening, not listening....all of it. It is the same as it was 30 years ago. And you know what?

I love it.  I love being a dad.  I love trying to be a better dad.

I know I annoy the shit out of my kids.

I just hope that in the future, my kids say the same thing about me..........

"Damn my dad was annoying, but damn he was great."

Kiss the Baby



Thursday, June 14, 2012

Such A Simple Question......

But isn't it awesome that with such a simple question you can have so many different answers?


Just something to think about that's all.

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Take On Fathers Day

Conversation came up yesterday in the office about Fathers Day.

Would you rather have the day to do whatever you want or would you rather be with the kids that are the sole reason you are a father?

I know and understand that everyone is different. Some dads like to have that day to go play golf or to do whatever they want and be away from the wife and kids.  I have no problem with dads doing that.  What I have a problem with is ME doing that.

Even if I played golf, I don't want to play on Fathers Day.  My idea of a great day would be doing anything with the kids. Nothing against golf, nothing against dads that go out and do stuff without the kids, but to me Fathers Day is a day to celebrate being a father.

A guy in the office said to me yesterday...."Well isn't that like any other day then?"  NO. I am glad and happy and fortunate to be a dad. I love being a dad. But on Fathers Day, I am going to think all day long about how great it is to be the father to my 4 C's.  If they piss me off, I will think about how I love them and how they aggravate me.  When we laugh, I will smile.

I know some dads are reading this and calling bull on me and saying that Fathers Day is the one day they get and can do do what they please to reward them for being a father.  Some are saying how stupid I am for not using that day to go out, relax and not have to do anything.  Again, if that is you, great go ahead and have your fun in the sun with the fella's and do what you do.

If T came to me and said I could have a few hours, most of the day or whatever and have it to myself for Fathers Day, I would have no idea of what to even do.  Where would I go?  With who?  Other dads?  Ummm, if I can spend time with other dads then why cant I spend that time with my kids?

Me, I'm going to celebrate my Fathers Day by spending it with my kids.  They are the reason I am a father.  I'm going to call my dad and tell him how great he is and thank him for raising a somewhat responsible man, I'm going to call my uncle and thank him for being a great influence while I was growing up, I'm going to tweet and text my friends that are dads and salute them.

I will look at T and thank her for marrying me and giving birth and offering me the chance to be a father.  And last but never least, I am going to try and explain to the kids that Fathers Day is great because of them. I'm going to tell them and let them know that Fathers Day just isn't for me, but its for them too.  I want them to know that they are the ones that make me strive to be a better person.

So whether you are with the kids or you are out on your own happy to get a break from the kids....just remember that you wouldn't be a father without them.



Monday, June 11, 2012

Remember the old RUN DMC song.......

You talk too much.....You never shut up....

Man I am not a bright individual.  It is almost like I need to be smacked with a bat to know what the hell is going on even in my own marriage.

Over the past months I have become increasingly obsessed with something and it has become a constant source of discussion at my house.  And by constant, I mean it is all I talk about.  To me it doesn't seem like I am being too much over the top, but for some reason Friday it hit me.  The imaginary bat came around and smacked a grand slam home run right upside my head.

I don't know why I didn't see it before.  I have to admit that T is pretty damn good at listening to me and my highs, lows, goods and bads.  She is also pretty good about listening to my drama and what I do in my daily routines but I think it had gotten to a point to where she had just about enough of it.  She is such a great wife that she never said anything to me.  She didn't jump my ass, she didn't roll her eyes and she acted like she cared about what I was talking about each and every time I opened my mouth.

After twelve years I should know better.  But now I do.  I have to be more thoughtful and think about what I am saying and if she is really interested or not.  And there is a huge difference in just talking about it a little and making it the center of conversation all the time.  That was the issue.

So we talked about it. Its over.  I wonder if she will care if talk about how much I just want to do the PO-DO with her?

Ummm. Yeah. Guess I better talk about something else.

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, June 7, 2012

Some of the Good, Bad and Ugly of the Vacation....

Things happen when you go on vacation!  Don't they?  Are we the only family that has some kind of drama when we take a road trip?

We had a great trip to LegoLand in Florida but here are a few things that happened to us...

It only took an hour into our road trip before we were asked "Are we there yet?" HELL NO!

Usually we leave at night when the kids are sleeping so we make maybe two stops to pee....Well we left in the afternoon and we had to stop close to ten times it seemed. We had a pee pee factory operating in our van.

I drove!  I know that may not seem like a big deal but for some reason when we road trip it and T drives, I fall asleep within five minutes. I'm not a great co-pilot.  I drove most of the way down and only made almost three hours on the way back....Bad co-pilot.

We upgraded and complained about a minor issue at LegoLand and got some items for free. That was good.  Then we got to the van, looked for our tickets for the next day to the waterpark and couldn't find them. Panic time. Pissed off time.  Looked everywhere. So I went back into the office after the park was closed and begged and pleaded (T calls it flirting) with the old lady to look up the ticket info and see that they were purchased and not used. After an hour and telling T to go ahead and leave that I would run back to the hotel (1 mile) they reprinted the tickets. YES! SCORE!

So, with a dead cellphone, I ran back to the hotel and waited for her to get back from getting food. I waited. Then she showed up and didn't have groceries. ???  She told me that she HAD FOUND the lost tickets in the camera bag.  So she had C1 walk into the park and look for me and when I wasn't there he got a ride from the police and they came back to the hotel. STILL A WIN!

The fight at the pool outside our room. Always good entertainment when some drunk fellers get into some fistacuffs and the ladies are screaming too. Sweet. And it was after 11pm.

No rain. That was great.

The kids rode their first big roller coasters.  And big water slides.  And loved them.

They loved trading lego mini figures with the employees. (Hint...if you need gift ideas for our kids...Lego Mini Figures never fail)

T didn't have to kick my ass not one time.  That may have been a first.

The ride home, not as many stops but damn those were some crazy ass kids.  Wound up. Loud. Throwing food in the van. WTF man. This is the ride home. HOME. After vacation. IN THE SUN! 

Such a great time we had. Cant wait to do it all over again

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Boy Who Turned Three

Kind of hard to celebrate your youngest child growing up but we did it anyways. Hard to believe that C4 is no longer

That's right....TWO

We took off to LegoLand Theme Park in Orlando, Florida for C4 big day. He had a great time and he was excited to turn the big THREE.

He knows exactly where we are today

Had his own map and his own agenda

Wants to be like his big brothers

Counting up to three

His new lego crocs and his minifigure

Taking a break from the day

Buzz, Woody and C4

Almost as tall as the eight bricker

The cute kid always gets the girl at the end

So now that he is three is there anything that he will do differently......

Yeah, he will probably be more of a terror to his brothers and sister.

Love you big boy.........Happy Boy.  Glad you had a great birthday.

Kiss The Baby



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