Friday, June 29, 2012

Fridays Final Thoughts 6-29-12...Design Time

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I got hooked on Groupon.  It just happened. I just recently bought a pair of earbuds for my phone to listen to music. Great deal.  Then I got the Reebok Groupon and it gave me money off shoes or clothing. So I am going to get these shoes.

I have not picked my pair out yet.  I was kind of set on getting the bright yellow pair.  Something different ya know.  But then I get an email with a picture of some shoes.

This was the first pair I saw in a picture sent to me from T.  It was designed with all the kids' favorite colors.  Yellow for C1, Blue for C2, C3 is the Pink and C4 is the Orange.  T is the Red on the bottom and looks like Red laces too.

I saw these and FELL IN LOVE.  Those are kick ass right there.

But the kids had to get in on the action.

This is the design that C1 came up with. His favorite color is yellow, that's why the shoes are mostly yellow. Notice the 4Cs on the back of the shoe. Cool!

C2 had his turn. And that boy looks like he had fun.  The back of the show says
"Daddy Love U" 

I think it is so cool that Reebok is doing this.  I know other companies do it too but I am a fan of Reebok and I love that I could be wearing a pair of shoes that either have the kids' favorite colors on them or were designed by them.  The best part, the shows will have in some way shape or form the 4C's on them.

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