Monday, June 25, 2012

Listen Up

Funny. Over the weekend I learned a valuable lesson. 

Give SOME people an inch and they will take that mile and then some. 

SOME people will mistake OUR kindness for weakness.

Those SAME people will think they are hurting OUR feelings but what they are really doing is making US stronger.

Funny thing about a FAMILY.....Whether it's in people or animals the young ones always know who to run back to when they feel the need to be safe and secure.  They always know where the den is and they always know who will have their back at ALL times.

Blame nature, blame others.  Look in the mirror and see that mistakes and problems are usually the fault of your own.

NEVER think that OUR kindness makes us weak.  And look in that mirror and know that YOU are the one with the weakness and that weakness is YOUR lack of kindness.

Often those that spend most of their time teaching lessons are the ones that need to be spending more time learning.

Its lesson time!

Kiss The Baby



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