Thursday, June 28, 2012

New and Improved Crossfit Page Starts Tomorrow.

So as I wrote yesterday, I had my Crossfit page stolen by the gods of the internet.  Actually I'm just not that smart and I did something to it and now it's gone. T even looked for it and it could not be found.  That was the bad part.

Now for the good part.  I am restarting that page and I am going to be making it better.  Better for you and better for me.  How will I do that you may be asking.....If you are not asking yourself that then please take a moment and just do it for me, ask that question.  Ok.

I have learned so much about Crossfit over the past year, but over the past few months I have really stepped up my own personal game and I have become more invested in the learning of everything.  One huge thing I have noticed is that if you consider yourself a Crossfitter or a Crossfit Athlete then you consider yourself somewhat a teacher.  Even if you are not a certified coach, you are always willing to spread the word of Crossfit and help others that are doing it or interested in the sport.  I still to this day get daily tips and words of encouragement from so many.  I read so much about it.  I study it.  When at the gym, this is what I am working on, trying to be better at this.

So starting tomorrow you will see an all new Crossfit page from me.  You will see the daily Wod's I do, some videos here and there, tips and links to my favorite Crossfit sites.  You will see times and rep's and round counts with the amount of weight I have done and I will also be posting the same of others.  I will be doing this to make you want to do this.  To make you want to be better.  To make you healthy, and I want to make it fun.  Everyone that I have talked to either in person or online that does Crossfit have the one main thing in common....They are fun.

I will be introducing you to some people that I use as motivators and online coaches in my own personal world of Crossfit.

The very first person that introduced me to Crossfit, the one that talks shit to me and pushes me too... GasFamily, she knows who she is.  My 100% absolute favorite Crossfit site, Crossfit Cedar Park.  That is my go to site and when they hire me to expand and open a BOX here in Ga. for them it will be all good.  Dave and Robin T. and Scott and Nikki I. have been there for me to instruct me as if I were right there with them.

So if you are into fitness then that is great. If you are into working out that is awesome.  Everyone has their own thing.  If you are into blasting your body for a limited amount of time and feeling so good after you are done, then Crossfit is for you. 

I hope I am the one that introduces you to the world of Crossfit.  You will thank me later.

New Page starts tomorrow.

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christopher (@twistedchristian) June 28, 2012 at 10:59 PM   Reply to

I'm looking forward to it. :D I love learning all this stuff and you've been great promoting Crossfit.

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