Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not On The Same Page

I guess I need to start this post by admitting that I haven't read Lisa Bloom's book, I haven't done intense research on this story, I have only seen the 3:45 video clip on Yahoo in which she talks about the Three Biggest Fears for Raising Boys Today.

I know that she is painting with a broad brush and she is not intending to group every kid into the same category.  I just wanted to give my quick take on her three points that were in the video.  Agree or disagree, I'm fine with what you think. We are all different and we are all trying to do the best we can in raising our sons and daughters.

Watch the video.

The three threats from her are.....

1. Too Much Arrogance.  One could say that I am an arrogant person myself. Cocky.  But you know what, being a grown man now I have learned that there is that line of arrogance to confidence.  I will do my best to teach my boys to be confident and to not cross that line of arrogance.  Arrogant is not cool, it isn't funny, and for kids it isn't smart. But confidence is.  And the best thing about confidence is that it breeds confidence. If I show confidence in what I am doing, then I bet C1 will see that and C2 will then see it and all the way down to C4.  Confidence not Arrogance.

2. Boys Think Reading is Girly.  I'm wondering where she got this info from. Maybe a poll or asked some random boys.  In our house, we all read. In fact C1 and C2 LOVE to read. They read every night. They read to us, they read by themselves. C4 loves to read and be read to.  So I'm not sure why we are suppose to think that reading is girly but...well hell, I'm not even sure what that means.

3. Joblessness Creates Hopelessness.  I cant go too much into detail on this one because none of my boys are older than eight.  Jobs, they have jobs sure, clean your room. And we are not calling what they do jobs, they have responsibilities that they have to keep up with. 

Lisa Bloom is a smart woman. Very smart. Maybe I have to read the book to get the better meaning of what she is trying to say. Maybe I will hit her up and get her to send me a copy of the book.

Raise em right.

Kiss the baby



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