Monday, June 11, 2012

Remember the old RUN DMC song.......

You talk too much.....You never shut up....

Man I am not a bright individual.  It is almost like I need to be smacked with a bat to know what the hell is going on even in my own marriage.

Over the past months I have become increasingly obsessed with something and it has become a constant source of discussion at my house.  And by constant, I mean it is all I talk about.  To me it doesn't seem like I am being too much over the top, but for some reason Friday it hit me.  The imaginary bat came around and smacked a grand slam home run right upside my head.

I don't know why I didn't see it before.  I have to admit that T is pretty damn good at listening to me and my highs, lows, goods and bads.  She is also pretty good about listening to my drama and what I do in my daily routines but I think it had gotten to a point to where she had just about enough of it.  She is such a great wife that she never said anything to me.  She didn't jump my ass, she didn't roll her eyes and she acted like she cared about what I was talking about each and every time I opened my mouth.

After twelve years I should know better.  But now I do.  I have to be more thoughtful and think about what I am saying and if she is really interested or not.  And there is a huge difference in just talking about it a little and making it the center of conversation all the time.  That was the issue.

So we talked about it. Its over.  I wonder if she will care if talk about how much I just want to do the PO-DO with her?

Ummm. Yeah. Guess I better talk about something else.

Kiss The Baby



Anonymous,  June 11, 2012 at 5:15 PM   Reply to

heehee, when will husbands ever learn that our wives are usually right!

(and yes, what a wonderful friend your wife is for still listening and being patient! She's an angel!)

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