Thursday, June 7, 2012

Some of the Good, Bad and Ugly of the Vacation....

Things happen when you go on vacation!  Don't they?  Are we the only family that has some kind of drama when we take a road trip?

We had a great trip to LegoLand in Florida but here are a few things that happened to us...

It only took an hour into our road trip before we were asked "Are we there yet?" HELL NO!

Usually we leave at night when the kids are sleeping so we make maybe two stops to pee....Well we left in the afternoon and we had to stop close to ten times it seemed. We had a pee pee factory operating in our van.

I drove!  I know that may not seem like a big deal but for some reason when we road trip it and T drives, I fall asleep within five minutes. I'm not a great co-pilot.  I drove most of the way down and only made almost three hours on the way back....Bad co-pilot.

We upgraded and complained about a minor issue at LegoLand and got some items for free. That was good.  Then we got to the van, looked for our tickets for the next day to the waterpark and couldn't find them. Panic time. Pissed off time.  Looked everywhere. So I went back into the office after the park was closed and begged and pleaded (T calls it flirting) with the old lady to look up the ticket info and see that they were purchased and not used. After an hour and telling T to go ahead and leave that I would run back to the hotel (1 mile) they reprinted the tickets. YES! SCORE!

So, with a dead cellphone, I ran back to the hotel and waited for her to get back from getting food. I waited. Then she showed up and didn't have groceries. ???  She told me that she HAD FOUND the lost tickets in the camera bag.  So she had C1 walk into the park and look for me and when I wasn't there he got a ride from the police and they came back to the hotel. STILL A WIN!

The fight at the pool outside our room. Always good entertainment when some drunk fellers get into some fistacuffs and the ladies are screaming too. Sweet. And it was after 11pm.

No rain. That was great.

The kids rode their first big roller coasters.  And big water slides.  And loved them.

They loved trading lego mini figures with the employees. (Hint...if you need gift ideas for our kids...Lego Mini Figures never fail)

T didn't have to kick my ass not one time.  That may have been a first.

The ride home, not as many stops but damn those were some crazy ass kids.  Wound up. Loud. Throwing food in the van. WTF man. This is the ride home. HOME. After vacation. IN THE SUN! 

Such a great time we had. Cant wait to do it all over again

Kiss The Baby



christopher (@twistedxtian) June 7, 2012 at 11:23 AM   Reply to

Sounds like a great vacation! And a vacation wouldn't be a vacation without a little drama. Glad T didn't have to kick your ass though. ;)

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