Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Time To Hit Refresh.

Lately I have been fighting each and every battle with the kids.

I have forgotten that this is a marathon and not a sprint.

I have not been doing what got me to this point of being a better father.  The understanding, the talking, the asking, the letting some things go...I have been jumping on each and every little thing that they do.

Its not about the battle, its about the war.

Its not about how you start its about how you finish.
I don't have to win every time.

There is no need for me to have the last word.

I heard a quote last week and it has stuck with me but has been harder to live by than I expected. Now I don't remember the quote word for word but it goes something like this

"Don't focus on being mad at everything, only focus on the things that make you really mad"

I think what that meant is, I don't have to make a big deal about everything. I don't have to be such a dick when it all breaks down and things go wrong.  Things are going to go wrong and things will happen, I just have to do a better job in deciding which things are the ones to get mad about.

Kids are kids and not adults. I have to remember that.

Time to refresh and get back on track doing what I have been. 

kiss the baby



Anonymous,  June 20, 2012 at 8:56 PM   Reply to

Man, that was good to hear. You're right kids need room--room to grow, learn to make decisions and even learn to be a part of the Fam.

My new motto: "Don't take yourself so seriously".

Seems like we always have to choose between letting them lead, us leading, or leading together.

Good word Bro.
Mark L.

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