Friday, June 22, 2012

Time To Make Some Roster Cuts.....

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 You know this is going to be one of those post where I bitch and moan about something for a minute. If you don't want to read it then go ahead and take your ass on somewhere else.

Recently I have been looking in my contacts in my phone.  I have a lot of contacts in there. But I'm starting to wonder why?  Who are these people?  Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Business people?  I'm know exactly who they are.  I know exactly why the phone numbers are in there.

Then I started to look at my call log.  You know whats messed up?  Well to me anyways...About 90% of my calls are all outgoing.  Yeah.  That's right.  Now the reason that seems to bother me is that I am now thinking a few things. 

First.  I need to delete some of the people in my contacts.  Simple.

Second.  It seems that I am the one putting in effort to check in on friends and family and see how they are doing and I don't think those same people are giving a shit about how me and my family are doing.  When I call friends and family, I make a point to ask "How is so and so?" and "How are the kids?" or even "How has work been?".  So that makes me feel a little bit on the pissy side, like wait...These same people don't give two shits about my wife?  My kids? Hmmmmm.

Third.  Would these same people be there for me like I would be there for them.  I have a select number of friends that IF (keyword there) they called me I would help in any way shape or form that I could.  I would be there in any fashion.  I don't feel like I would get that back in return.

Some of these people that I'm talking about and that I will be deleting would say.."Sorry, been busy with work and all"  Shit please. I work 12 damn hours a day and drive and hour to and from work.  Simple "Hey how have you been" take two minutes.  But you know what.  I'm cool. This got it off my chest.  I'm all good now.  If you call me and it goes to voicemail that probably means that I took your number out and don't remember it.

Last.  I have one person. My best friend. My partner in crime.  My soldier that lines up with me. The one that I KNOW FOR SURE I can count on...


Even as good as a wife she is and as great as a friend she is....she gets tired of me talking about the same shit, bitching and complaining about the same shit day after day.  She doesn't want to hear me talk about the gym every day, work every day, Crossfit every day, sports...etc....

But I thank her and love her for pretending and acting as if she cares and I also love her for looking at me and nicely saying


Rant over.

Have a great weekend.

Kiss the Baby



Anonymous,  June 23, 2012 at 4:37 PM   Reply to

Please don't delete my number: 1-900-hot-lips.

Mark "The Body" L.

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