Friday, July 27, 2012

Today I Have Reached A Milestone

I'm not one to hide behind a number.

I don't act it, I don't feel it and I have more today than I have ever had
at any previous point in my life.

I am at a happier place in my life today.

I am richer, not by money but by experience.
My life account has deposits of love made daily.

So with that being said I would like to announce a major
achievement, a milestone that I have reached

Happy Birthday To Me.

I love me some me!

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Learning How To Churn Butter


So T and I have our guilty pleasures and some of them are (UN)-reality tv.  Hells Kitchen happens to be one of our favorites.  Aside from Gordon Ramsey being so incredibly funny, the wanna be chefs are complete train wrecks.  Every season there is maybe one or two that are actually good chefs and the rest are complete crazies walking around a kitchen.

Well now you add the fact that I am a dirty OLD man and the episode from the other night was maybe one of the funniest things I have seen that has been on regular tv.

So I have never "Churned Butter".  Never have and after seeing this the other night I probably never will. I would especially never do this with a bunch of dudes.

Check out "How To Churn Butter"

So now that we all now how to "Churn Butter", I wonder how many of us will be doing this?

I mean I am not wondering this to actually know who is "Churning Butter", that was more of a general statement.

Carry On...Churn Away...

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How Does He Know What I Can And Can't Do?

So as I arrive home last night,  I do a few things around the house then T, 3 of the C's and I decide to sit together and watch some of the tv show American Ninja.  The kids like shows like this where they can watch some of the people do these cool things and they like to try and guess or pick which people will do better.

So as we are watching this and they are showing little bio's on the athletes...they show this one guy doing this..........

A Human Flag Pole. 

At that point C1 looks at me and announces to the room "Daddy cant do that!"

Now I know I CANT do that but how does he know?

But that's fine, I now know whats up.  I know that I have to do what I have to do.  I am going to make this happen. May not be tomorrow but I am going to figure out a way to do this and then get C1 out there and show him!

"Daddy CANT do that!"

Please.  Just you wait and see son, pretty soon I am going to be doing this....

C1 will be saying "Hey, that's my daddy up there.....and he cant get down!"

Kiss The Baby



Monday, July 23, 2012

C3 and her First Crossfit Experience.

7am Saturday morning I got up and went out to the living room to relax for a bit before starting to get ready for the morning Crossfit wod at the C2 Carrollton Box.  This was the morning that C3 was going with me.  I wonder if she was excited at all?

Well, considering that she was up before me...Id say the answer is yes.  So we ate some breakfast and watched some tv before getting ready to go.  She got dressed, I got dressed and we got out water, her snacks and we were off.  We heard some of our songs we sing together in the van on the way.  It was about that time.

So when we got to the BOX, C3 and I did some warm ups and she climbed the rope a few times, got on the rings and did some toes to rings, we did some abmat sit ups and ran to the 100 meter mark and back.  So got a great warm up in before it was time for her to sit and watch me do my wod.

Here are a couple pics of C3...

I even got a video of her doing a quick wod that the owner Ahren was nice enough to do for her. 

We both had a great time. She says she wasn't tired but I think she  I'm just glad she got to go and have fun and go to the gym that daddy was talking about.

Kiss The Baby




Friday, July 20, 2012

A Whole New World....Crossfit World

C3.  My only daughter.  She is a wild and crazy girl.  She loves to climb all over everything and swing and jump and be upside down and just do all kinds of crazy shit.  So what would be better than to take her to a Crossfit Box where they are having some kids wod's and put her to the test.

This girl will use her hands and legs to climb up in between the door jams.  She is the one that will scale across the monkey bars and go back across again.  She is the one that will hang upside down and scare the living shit out of me.  She is the one that will jump on the trampoline for hours and hours.

So tomorrow when I go to the C2 Crossfit in Carrollton, I will be taking C3 with me.  I talked about taking her with me and she was all excited.  So when I went last week and saw some kids there I told myself that I should have brought C3.  Then when one of the ladies told me she always brings her kids and they do kids wods, I was like..Damn!!  So I told her I would take her and she has asked every single day if it was the day to go to the gym.

Well I emailed and asked the owner if they were doing kids wods again and he said he wasn't sure but to bring her and they would do something with her.

So tomorrow will be a new experience for me.  My second time at the C2 Crossfit in Carrollton and I am taking C3 with me.  I told her she needs to get in my face and yell at me when I am at my breaking point....guess we will see.

I think the best part will be seeing C3's face and I sure hope she has a good time.  Guess I will try and use my cell

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dont Know What You Got Till It's Gone

I guess we are spoiled by having gadgets and gizmo's and electronics and that kind of stuff.  I know for me personally there were things I had as a kid that I loved having.  I know that growing up and TRYing to become an adult there were some things that I just had to have.  I think for some people we are just in love with the fact of having STUFF. 

Being a parent and a half ass mature adult I have come to understand that all of the materialistic stuff we have isn't stuff we need but maybe its just stuff we want.

But then again as I say that, I do think that there are some material things that we do in fact need.

I may be contradicting myself and talking in circles but I think I my own 20 something year old mind I make some kind of sense.

Cell Phones. I think we need them. Its not a want thing for me, but a need.  Way too many reasons to go into about why I think that T and I need cell phones, but I just think we do.

Laptops. We need those too. T homeschools.  The laptops are an important part of learning for the kids and we use them to get a lot of things done.

Camera. Oh boy.  This is the hard one.  T is a great photographer.  She will say she isn't, but she is.  She is going to roll her eyes when she reads this but tough shit. She knows how to take great photos and edit them and do all of that stuff.  You never know how much you miss having a camera until something happens to it.  T has had a great Nikon for a little under 5 years now. She got it as a gift and has taken such great care of it. A while ago it stopped working.  We couldn't figure out what the deal was.  She ordered a new battery and that seemed to be the problem. Camera worked again. Well now the camera isn't working anymore.  T ordered another new battery and we have even cleaned the batteries and the camera and still nothing.

We as a family, she and I have to have a camera. I mean we do things. We go places. We do fun stuff. Even in the house, the front yard, the back yard we just do things that make us want to have pictures.  Hell not to mention that T and the kids are going to the beach in a couple weeks.  What mom doesn't want to have pictures of their kids while at the beach?  We are going to Texas in a month or so.  What happens then?  Not easy taking pictures with your phone all the time.

So we are at the crossroads.  This is a time where both T and I WANT and NEED a camera. We are going to be shopping around and looking at deals and trying to figure it out. It doesn't make sense for us to spend a couple hundred dollars to send a camera off to try and get fixed when they don't even make that certain model anymore.  But I know my woman, she isn't going to just jump into buying something.  She is going to look around and make damn sure she gets a deal.

So...there is a difference between wants and needs. This just happens to be a case of where one of our wants is also one of our needs. 

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Shit Catcher

I am a dramatic dude. More so than a lot of women.

So this weekend we noticed that our nice expensive GE front loading washing machine wasn't really working the way it should.  It would run for a while then stop.  It wasn't draining and the clothes were so soaked.  Kept trying and trying to figure it out.  Started the machine over and over and over.  But the same thing happened in the unfinished cycle and wet unclean clothes.

So that is where I start to get all over dramatic and worry and think the worst is going to happen.  I'm thinking we have to call someone out and pay someone to look at it.  I know absolutely nothing about looking at a washing machine to try and find out what is wrong or how to fix it.


Little Miss Google and I Can Find Out About Our Washer does.....

So T gets on the laptop and starts reading and finds our manual online and she is telling me what to do.  Do this and that, take this out and that off and....Oh lets not forget that earlier in the day she told me she had an idea of what the problem was!!!!

First I took the drain hose off the washer and pulled it out of the wall....HOLY DIRTY ASS smell.  The smell that floated around the laundry room like a heavy fog was enough to knock T and I out cold.  I have never smelled anything like that...well except other nasty ass smells..It was bad.  After cleaning that, she had me look for the "Shit Catcher".  I don't really think its called a "Shit Catcher" but this parts job is to catch all of the shit that comes out of the washer machine during every load.

So I found the "Shit Catcher", took it out and that thing smelled way worse than the damn drain hose. Besides the skin melting bad smell there was all kinds of "Shit" in the "Shit Catcher".  Money, screws, washers, lint, bits and pieces of god knows what and oh yeah get this....LEGOS.  Who in the hell would have ever imagined that LEGOS would be in the "Shit Catcher"?

After cleaning that out and getting the washing machine back in place wouldn't you know that the story of my life continued to stay the same.....T was right. Just like always.  So after all of my drama, my temper tantrums and my crying like a little beeee-otch, the problem was fixed with a little bit of reading, time and wife knowing what the hell to have me do.

"Shit Catcher"....damn that was nasty.

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is There A Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

I'm a married father of four.  I have no health insurance and I work 12 hours a day.  I get up at 4:30am to get to the gym by 5am and workout till 7am. I drive an hour each way to work.

At some point each day I it worth it to be safe, secure and unhappy or scared, more broke than we are and happy.

I'm not sure.  Money isn't everything.  I know this. But bills have to be paid and kids have to be taken care of.  Food, clothes, a home, cars, odds and ends its all part of being a grown up and living the daily life but at what point in life do we give up the blanket and grab the parachute and take that leap off the cliff?

I'm so damn sick and tired of being unhappy. I have tried to find that greener grass and I have found nothing but piles of dirt.  I have looked across the rainbow and haven't seen anything except a bag of damn skittles.

I put myself into this situation. Its my own fault. That is what pisses me off even more.  I guess I sold my soul to the devil to find the one true love that was perfect for me cause let me tell you I sure as hell would sell it right now to better my place in my present place in history.

I have dreams but I am stuck in this nightmare.

I am the only one that can change the outcome.  Guess I have to decide if I have big enough balls and heart to change my own path or if I am going to just keep on my little underoo's....

Kiss the baby



Monday, July 16, 2012

Brings A Smile To My Face

As a parent there are things that just make me feel good about my kids. 

The C's will go outside to play at any given moment.  Backyard is open to them whenever they want to head out there and play and the front yard is lots of fun when either T or I go out there with them.  The backyard has the big clubhouse and the little swing set that we have had for years.  They love them both.  The trampoline is still going after years of fun, but it will be needing a new jumping net soon.  Sure our kids love to lock themselves in their rooms or down in the playroom but they are always ready to go outside and we don't have to force them. 

That's a good thing.  With all the gadgets like Wii, Ds, Ipad, Computers and just regular ol tv, its too easy for the kids to sit inside and veg out all day.  I'm glad that they love going outside.  They can ride their bikes in the front, play soccer build ramps and just have fun.

Summer time is the best time to get your kids out there I think.  Get them out, let them get some energy out and then they can go in and rest and relax for a while and go back out once again.

Another thing I am proud to say as a parent is that our kids love to read.  I think it is because T has always done a wonderful job of making sure that we both read to the kids and then in turn they start reading to us and each other.  Yesterday we were at Barnes and Noble and the kids found all kinds of books. They read a lot of them, looked at more and we even let them choose a book to buy, while T picked out some others.

I know that a lot of kids love to stay inside and play the games and be on the Internet but a lot of kids love to get outside too. I'm glad that my Four C's are ones that love to get out.  And while a lot of kids don't like to read, I'm glad mine do.

Get out and play with your kids and read with them too.

Kiss the baby



Monday, July 9, 2012

The Kids Are Reading

Well the time has come.  I knew it would get here sooner or later.

The kids can read.  Yes.  While I am glad that this has happened and the kids are getting smarter, it appears that a couple of the C's (C1 & C2) are getting a little too smart for their own good.

We don't have hardly anywhere in the house that is off limits to the C's.  The house is safe and they can go anywhere that T or I can go.

That means it is time for me to start keeping my little notes that I leave for T clean.

Some of you may recall that T and I have a dry erase board in our bedroom closet and we usually leave little love notes on there for each other.  I usually tend to get on the dirty side.

Well last week after T went to see "Magic Mike" I left her a note on the board that read

2 - Nite Magic Scott Show
Open All Night
No Cover
T drinks free

Well then either C1 or C2 wanted to know what or who "Magic Scott" was?

And they began leaving notes on our board too.

So that mean I will have to clean up my act.

Damn it.

What ever will I do now that the kids read better.

Guess I will have to start leaving the messages in code or something.

Kiss The Baby



Friday, July 6, 2012

I Knew This Would Happen

Are you a big believer in "Where there is smoke there is fire"?  How about "Walks like a duck, talks like a duck...must be a duck"?

Well sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not.  But something happened this past weekend and my gut is telling me that I have to lean on the side of that old saying "I've said it a million times"

I was talking to my neighbor this past weekend and he was asking me if we had heard the helicopter flying over. Told him we had not and he started telling me about a very serious accident that happened on a very very curvy road that we live off of.  Lifeflight had to come and get the people.

He then started telling me about a Ford Mustang that was speeding on our street earlier in the day up and down our street and was cutting tires in the culdesac.  He had thought about saying something to them.  See, I am usually the one that yells at the people flying up and down our street.  It is so dangerous the way people drive on our street.  People that live on our street drive like assholes.  People with kids drive like that.  Makes me sick.

Then the other day T had said to me she saw some of the tire marks on that curvy road where a car had been cutting tires. Not the road to be doing that shit on.

So the evidence I have is this.  Car driving very fast earlier in the day on the street.  Car cutting tires on the curvy road sometime that day.  Wreck on the curvy road.

Then days after the fact I see in the local paper that the car that wrecked on the curvy road that had three people in it, one died and two others are in the hospital.  Says they were ejected from the convertible mustang as the car flipped off the road through mailboxes and trees. No seat belts!

Per my neighbor....mustang convertible is the car that was flying down the road.

For one, seat belts...come on people. Two, that road is way too curvy to be driving all crazy like that. 

I yell at people to drive more carefully and slow down on my street for my kids safety FIRST.  But damn, a 21 yr old kid is dead and he was the passenger.  His two friends are in the hospital.

Just some food for thought.

Kiss the baby



Thursday, July 5, 2012

You want to do what to me?

I happen to think my wife is good at a lot of things.  Taking pictures with her very nice camera is one of them. That is something she loves to do.  She takes the pictures and then has to edit them and make them look nice before doing anything with them.

Being together for 13 years now, there isn't much that T could say to me that would surprise me or send me into a state of shock.  "Lets have a baby"....That would shock me, I'm fixed.  "You never have to rub my head, back or feet ever again"....That would surprise me.

Well yesterday out of the blue T says to me "I want to take some pictures of you."  Now, I'm thinking of me and the kids and us together.  NO, she meant ME.  JUST ME.  Left me to say to her "Why in the hell do you want pictures of me?"  "I just do she said!" 

I don't understand why she wants pictures of me and me only.  So I asked about pictures of her and she isn't having any of that. She said JUST ME. 

Maybe she wants to get some shots of me before the rest of my hair falls out?  Maybe she wants to get some pic's of me while I am working out since I am prone to having something go wrong and I might lose the little bit of gain I have gotten recently?  Maybe since I have a little tan to me now I look better than my old white self?  Oh my god.  I'm getting older, I may not be around much that it?

I figured it out.  While I was at the gym this morning checking myself out in the mirror (trying not to throw up from a hard workout) I realized that I am that damn awesome.  I'm handsome.  I'm a stud.  I am a hard working baby making love stud.  I looked at myself and said, this wife of mine wants a calendar of 12 months of hot shots of me.  Yeah she does.  She went and saw Magic Mike and now she wants some pictures of the ol oiled up love muffin husband of hers.  I can hook her up.  I have all kinds of gear.  I will get a fireman suit, cop clothes, I have the Tom Brady jersey..boy o boy is she going to love what I can do for her.

And after I came to my senses and got my brain back in order after the laying on the floor, beat down from my workout it all made sense....

She just loves me and wants some pictures.

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just Like It Was Yesterday

13 years ago today.  I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I can remember every detail to exactly what how I got there, what I did, the bad things, the good things, the funny...all of it.

13 years ago today was when I first met that tan girl with short hair, a tongue ring and a personality that would make me want to talk to her, dance with her, walk on the beach with her, fall asleep on the beach with her, wake up on the beach with her and then spend the next night with her again.

13 years ago today was when I met my Georgia Peach T. 

She thought I was gay. Yeah, not so much. She found out I couldn't dance.  She found out that I couldn't remember where we left her favorite pair of flip flops/sandals.  She found out how fast I could wake up and jump a mile into the sky as the hotel sprinkler started shooting water at us as the sun came up.

I had never had a girl come track me down like she did. She came to my hotel room and got me when I was supposed to be at the bar meeting her to hang out.  We hung out the rest of the day and night and then being the romantic guy that I was, we decided to sleep on the hard tile floor in my hotel room as four of my buddies lay passed out in the beds. 

I gave her my toll free work number so she could call me in Texas if she wanted.  Shows how smart I was, I didn't even get her number.  Dumb ass me.  As I gave her a final kiss goodbye,  I never knew if I would hear from her or see her ever again.  But I do know that I had the best 4th of July weekend that I had ever had.  The straight trip from Houston to Panama City Beach, Fl. was so worth it.  The money spent on booze and drugs and food was so worth it.  Getting kicked out of a shack hotel and having the police called on us as we snuck out was worth it.  I got to spend the better part of two days with a random girl from Georgia and had a great time with her.

Looking back on it, I guess I would have done one thing differently and that's get her phone number.  But then it may not have worked out like it did.

So every year that July 3rd hits, I cant help but remember how it all went down the day that I met her, the woman that I still love to this day and more than ever.

T, thanks for that wonderful July 3rd night and thanks for being smarter than me and getting my number.  I love you so much and you are so wonderful.  Since that day my life has changed forever for the better.

You are in my heart.

I love my Georgia Peach from your Cowboy.

kiss the baby


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