Friday, July 20, 2012

A Whole New World....Crossfit World

C3.  My only daughter.  She is a wild and crazy girl.  She loves to climb all over everything and swing and jump and be upside down and just do all kinds of crazy shit.  So what would be better than to take her to a Crossfit Box where they are having some kids wod's and put her to the test.

This girl will use her hands and legs to climb up in between the door jams.  She is the one that will scale across the monkey bars and go back across again.  She is the one that will hang upside down and scare the living shit out of me.  She is the one that will jump on the trampoline for hours and hours.

So tomorrow when I go to the C2 Crossfit in Carrollton, I will be taking C3 with me.  I talked about taking her with me and she was all excited.  So when I went last week and saw some kids there I told myself that I should have brought C3.  Then when one of the ladies told me she always brings her kids and they do kids wods, I was like..Damn!!  So I told her I would take her and she has asked every single day if it was the day to go to the gym.

Well I emailed and asked the owner if they were doing kids wods again and he said he wasn't sure but to bring her and they would do something with her.

So tomorrow will be a new experience for me.  My second time at the C2 Crossfit in Carrollton and I am taking C3 with me.  I told her she needs to get in my face and yell at me when I am at my breaking point....guess we will see.

I think the best part will be seeing C3's face and I sure hope she has a good time.  Guess I will try and use my cell

Kiss The Baby



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