Monday, July 16, 2012

Brings A Smile To My Face

As a parent there are things that just make me feel good about my kids. 

The C's will go outside to play at any given moment.  Backyard is open to them whenever they want to head out there and play and the front yard is lots of fun when either T or I go out there with them.  The backyard has the big clubhouse and the little swing set that we have had for years.  They love them both.  The trampoline is still going after years of fun, but it will be needing a new jumping net soon.  Sure our kids love to lock themselves in their rooms or down in the playroom but they are always ready to go outside and we don't have to force them. 

That's a good thing.  With all the gadgets like Wii, Ds, Ipad, Computers and just regular ol tv, its too easy for the kids to sit inside and veg out all day.  I'm glad that they love going outside.  They can ride their bikes in the front, play soccer build ramps and just have fun.

Summer time is the best time to get your kids out there I think.  Get them out, let them get some energy out and then they can go in and rest and relax for a while and go back out once again.

Another thing I am proud to say as a parent is that our kids love to read.  I think it is because T has always done a wonderful job of making sure that we both read to the kids and then in turn they start reading to us and each other.  Yesterday we were at Barnes and Noble and the kids found all kinds of books. They read a lot of them, looked at more and we even let them choose a book to buy, while T picked out some others.

I know that a lot of kids love to stay inside and play the games and be on the Internet but a lot of kids love to get outside too. I'm glad that my Four C's are ones that love to get out.  And while a lot of kids don't like to read, I'm glad mine do.

Get out and play with your kids and read with them too.

Kiss the baby



Anonymous,  July 16, 2012 at 7:46 PM   Reply to

Three great things: supportive and encouraging parents, kids who love to read, kids who play out side.

I am working my my first fishing trio with my family. I have no idea how it works, guess I will figure it out!

Here fishy fishy!


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