Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dont Know What You Got Till It's Gone

I guess we are spoiled by having gadgets and gizmo's and electronics and that kind of stuff.  I know for me personally there were things I had as a kid that I loved having.  I know that growing up and TRYing to become an adult there were some things that I just had to have.  I think for some people we are just in love with the fact of having STUFF. 

Being a parent and a half ass mature adult I have come to understand that all of the materialistic stuff we have isn't stuff we need but maybe its just stuff we want.

But then again as I say that, I do think that there are some material things that we do in fact need.

I may be contradicting myself and talking in circles but I think I my own 20 something year old mind I make some kind of sense.

Cell Phones. I think we need them. Its not a want thing for me, but a need.  Way too many reasons to go into about why I think that T and I need cell phones, but I just think we do.

Laptops. We need those too. T homeschools.  The laptops are an important part of learning for the kids and we use them to get a lot of things done.

Camera. Oh boy.  This is the hard one.  T is a great photographer.  She will say she isn't, but she is.  She is going to roll her eyes when she reads this but tough shit. She knows how to take great photos and edit them and do all of that stuff.  You never know how much you miss having a camera until something happens to it.  T has had a great Nikon for a little under 5 years now. She got it as a gift and has taken such great care of it. A while ago it stopped working.  We couldn't figure out what the deal was.  She ordered a new battery and that seemed to be the problem. Camera worked again. Well now the camera isn't working anymore.  T ordered another new battery and we have even cleaned the batteries and the camera and still nothing.

We as a family, she and I have to have a camera. I mean we do things. We go places. We do fun stuff. Even in the house, the front yard, the back yard we just do things that make us want to have pictures.  Hell not to mention that T and the kids are going to the beach in a couple weeks.  What mom doesn't want to have pictures of their kids while at the beach?  We are going to Texas in a month or so.  What happens then?  Not easy taking pictures with your phone all the time.

So we are at the crossroads.  This is a time where both T and I WANT and NEED a camera. We are going to be shopping around and looking at deals and trying to figure it out. It doesn't make sense for us to spend a couple hundred dollars to send a camera off to try and get fixed when they don't even make that certain model anymore.  But I know my woman, she isn't going to just jump into buying something.  She is going to look around and make damn sure she gets a deal.

So...there is a difference between wants and needs. This just happens to be a case of where one of our wants is also one of our needs. 

Kiss The Baby



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