Friday, July 6, 2012

I Knew This Would Happen

Are you a big believer in "Where there is smoke there is fire"?  How about "Walks like a duck, talks like a duck...must be a duck"?

Well sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not.  But something happened this past weekend and my gut is telling me that I have to lean on the side of that old saying "I've said it a million times"

I was talking to my neighbor this past weekend and he was asking me if we had heard the helicopter flying over. Told him we had not and he started telling me about a very serious accident that happened on a very very curvy road that we live off of.  Lifeflight had to come and get the people.

He then started telling me about a Ford Mustang that was speeding on our street earlier in the day up and down our street and was cutting tires in the culdesac.  He had thought about saying something to them.  See, I am usually the one that yells at the people flying up and down our street.  It is so dangerous the way people drive on our street.  People that live on our street drive like assholes.  People with kids drive like that.  Makes me sick.

Then the other day T had said to me she saw some of the tire marks on that curvy road where a car had been cutting tires. Not the road to be doing that shit on.

So the evidence I have is this.  Car driving very fast earlier in the day on the street.  Car cutting tires on the curvy road sometime that day.  Wreck on the curvy road.

Then days after the fact I see in the local paper that the car that wrecked on the curvy road that had three people in it, one died and two others are in the hospital.  Says they were ejected from the convertible mustang as the car flipped off the road through mailboxes and trees. No seat belts!

Per my neighbor....mustang convertible is the car that was flying down the road.

For one, seat belts...come on people. Two, that road is way too curvy to be driving all crazy like that. 

I yell at people to drive more carefully and slow down on my street for my kids safety FIRST.  But damn, a 21 yr old kid is dead and he was the passenger.  His two friends are in the hospital.

Just some food for thought.

Kiss the baby



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