Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just Like It Was Yesterday

13 years ago today.  I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I can remember every detail to exactly what how I got there, what I did, the bad things, the good things, the funny...all of it.

13 years ago today was when I first met that tan girl with short hair, a tongue ring and a personality that would make me want to talk to her, dance with her, walk on the beach with her, fall asleep on the beach with her, wake up on the beach with her and then spend the next night with her again.

13 years ago today was when I met my Georgia Peach T. 

She thought I was gay. Yeah, not so much. She found out I couldn't dance.  She found out that I couldn't remember where we left her favorite pair of flip flops/sandals.  She found out how fast I could wake up and jump a mile into the sky as the hotel sprinkler started shooting water at us as the sun came up.

I had never had a girl come track me down like she did. She came to my hotel room and got me when I was supposed to be at the bar meeting her to hang out.  We hung out the rest of the day and night and then being the romantic guy that I was, we decided to sleep on the hard tile floor in my hotel room as four of my buddies lay passed out in the beds. 

I gave her my toll free work number so she could call me in Texas if she wanted.  Shows how smart I was, I didn't even get her number.  Dumb ass me.  As I gave her a final kiss goodbye,  I never knew if I would hear from her or see her ever again.  But I do know that I had the best 4th of July weekend that I had ever had.  The straight trip from Houston to Panama City Beach, Fl. was so worth it.  The money spent on booze and drugs and food was so worth it.  Getting kicked out of a shack hotel and having the police called on us as we snuck out was worth it.  I got to spend the better part of two days with a random girl from Georgia and had a great time with her.

Looking back on it, I guess I would have done one thing differently and that's get her phone number.  But then it may not have worked out like it did.

So every year that July 3rd hits, I cant help but remember how it all went down the day that I met her, the woman that I still love to this day and more than ever.

T, thanks for that wonderful July 3rd night and thanks for being smarter than me and getting my number.  I love you so much and you are so wonderful.  Since that day my life has changed forever for the better.

You are in my heart.

I love my Georgia Peach from your Cowboy.

kiss the baby



Anonymous,  July 3, 2012 at 4:23 PM   Reply to

You didn't even get her number? Man, that's funny!

Your family is a blessing to a lot of people, continue to work for it everyday and you'll get to enjoy it; and your kids will copy your success!

You're my hero,
Mark L.

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