Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Shit Catcher

I am a dramatic dude. More so than a lot of women.

So this weekend we noticed that our nice expensive GE front loading washing machine wasn't really working the way it should.  It would run for a while then stop.  It wasn't draining and the clothes were so soaked.  Kept trying and trying to figure it out.  Started the machine over and over and over.  But the same thing happened in the unfinished cycle and wet unclean clothes.

So that is where I start to get all over dramatic and worry and think the worst is going to happen.  I'm thinking we have to call someone out and pay someone to look at it.  I know absolutely nothing about looking at a washing machine to try and find out what is wrong or how to fix it.


Little Miss Google and I Can Find Out About Our Washer does.....

So T gets on the laptop and starts reading and finds our manual online and she is telling me what to do.  Do this and that, take this out and that off and....Oh lets not forget that earlier in the day she told me she had an idea of what the problem was!!!!

First I took the drain hose off the washer and pulled it out of the wall....HOLY DIRTY ASS smell.  The smell that floated around the laundry room like a heavy fog was enough to knock T and I out cold.  I have never smelled anything like that...well except other nasty ass smells..It was bad.  After cleaning that, she had me look for the "Shit Catcher".  I don't really think its called a "Shit Catcher" but this parts job is to catch all of the shit that comes out of the washer machine during every load.

So I found the "Shit Catcher", took it out and that thing smelled way worse than the damn drain hose. Besides the skin melting bad smell there was all kinds of "Shit" in the "Shit Catcher".  Money, screws, washers, lint, bits and pieces of god knows what and oh yeah get this....LEGOS.  Who in the hell would have ever imagined that LEGOS would be in the "Shit Catcher"?

After cleaning that out and getting the washing machine back in place wouldn't you know that the story of my life continued to stay the same.....T was right. Just like always.  So after all of my drama, my temper tantrums and my crying like a little beeee-otch, the problem was fixed with a little bit of reading, time and wife knowing what the hell to have me do.

"Shit Catcher"....damn that was nasty.

Kiss The Baby



Chels July 19, 2012 at 9:41 AM   Reply to

Google is the new duct tape - shit fixes everything.

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