Thursday, July 5, 2012

You want to do what to me?

I happen to think my wife is good at a lot of things.  Taking pictures with her very nice camera is one of them. That is something she loves to do.  She takes the pictures and then has to edit them and make them look nice before doing anything with them.

Being together for 13 years now, there isn't much that T could say to me that would surprise me or send me into a state of shock.  "Lets have a baby"....That would shock me, I'm fixed.  "You never have to rub my head, back or feet ever again"....That would surprise me.

Well yesterday out of the blue T says to me "I want to take some pictures of you."  Now, I'm thinking of me and the kids and us together.  NO, she meant ME.  JUST ME.  Left me to say to her "Why in the hell do you want pictures of me?"  "I just do she said!" 

I don't understand why she wants pictures of me and me only.  So I asked about pictures of her and she isn't having any of that. She said JUST ME. 

Maybe she wants to get some shots of me before the rest of my hair falls out?  Maybe she wants to get some pic's of me while I am working out since I am prone to having something go wrong and I might lose the little bit of gain I have gotten recently?  Maybe since I have a little tan to me now I look better than my old white self?  Oh my god.  I'm getting older, I may not be around much that it?

I figured it out.  While I was at the gym this morning checking myself out in the mirror (trying not to throw up from a hard workout) I realized that I am that damn awesome.  I'm handsome.  I'm a stud.  I am a hard working baby making love stud.  I looked at myself and said, this wife of mine wants a calendar of 12 months of hot shots of me.  Yeah she does.  She went and saw Magic Mike and now she wants some pictures of the ol oiled up love muffin husband of hers.  I can hook her up.  I have all kinds of gear.  I will get a fireman suit, cop clothes, I have the Tom Brady jersey..boy o boy is she going to love what I can do for her.

And after I came to my senses and got my brain back in order after the laying on the floor, beat down from my workout it all made sense....

She just loves me and wants some pictures.

Kiss The Baby


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