Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Be Nice To Others.....It's Not That Hard

I got into a quick twitter conversation with one of my favorite people on my favorite morning radio show this morning.  This after getting blasted by my man Bert and his Crew for not changing shitty diapers.  I had to admit it and sac'ed up and called in and told on myself.  Move on.

Cassie  who is The know all be all of the City of Atlanta and the Social Media Director for the morning show and a photog expert (and who the hell knows what else she does) had this tweet this afternoon...

 I had to agree with her.  What makes that customer think that a $4 per hour Subway employee understands her either from her language or her speed of the order? Does the customer even bother to think that if she is nicer to that employee that the order may even come out better and faster than expected or wanted?  Customer service is hard to get in the first place, try being a little nicer to someone and see if you get better service.   What about the customer even being nice to the worker?  Think about how many people are shitty to those employees.
 Cassie said "Exactly, So ppeople should have a little more understanding, where is the love?" (Still agree with her)    

Then it led me to say this to Cassie..."Wait till you have kids and you will see this in different lights" 

 Here is what I meant by that.......Before kids, I was nice to people but probably didn't go out of my way to be nice to people.  I probably just didn't care or give it a second thought.  I more than likely acted like a young guy who was too cool for everyone else.  I would have been just like that woman in line next to Cassie at Subway and would have been nasty to the employee.

  Since having kids, I have changed. I would like to think (and hope) for the better.  I try to be nice to people in general. I see myself and my actions and wonder what effect that has on the 4 C's.  If I am at Subway and the employee is having a hard time with my order, do I get nasty and rude?  Wont that teach the kids that it's OK to get nasty and rude...That's not what I want.  I want to show and teach them and lead by example.  If I slow down, show patience with the employee, then maybe the kids will have patience and be nice to each other and us.  

 So I made that comment back to Cassie meaning that when you have kids, it opens you up to seeing things differently. Maybe focusing more on certain things because of the examples you have to set and you hope that others treat your kids with compassion and kindness and that your children do the same.     

And it also means that I need to show patience and kindness to the kids as well, why would I go out of my way to treat others nicely if I cant even treat my kids with kindness. It all starts with you and it all starts at home if you have kids.

  Kiss The Baby


Monday, August 20, 2012

Vacation is almost here

Vacations. They can be fun yet hard to plan for.  They are all different.

For instance when we go to Disney or the beach we drive.  We pack our stuff and usually as much as we want because we have the room in the van and the carrier on the top.

When we go to San Antonio soon we are flying, so packing is going to be A LOT harder.  We have to keep it simple and really know what we are taking and what we need to get when we get there.  This will be the first time flying with the kids.  Something we hope goes smoothly.  Bags, stroller, more bags, carry on, personal, check in...shit...guess we will see.

What can you pack and what cant you pack?  Guess we will print a list and see. What should go in the kids carry on and personal bags or even our for that matter?

Whats funny is the kids don't care about the same things T and I care about.  They are not caring about what to pack or how much.  Just as long as we have some fun things that they want to take.  They will not look at clothes and supplies and packing and unpacking.

The kids are ready to go.  Only time will tell if T and I are..We have some time.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, August 13, 2012

Im Glad Its All Back To Normal

I guess the only reason I'm glad its Monday is because T and the C's are back from the beach.  T and the C's had gone to the beach last week with her sister and her kids and their mom.

Well I am 40 years old, so I do know how to take care of myself.  I know how to cook, I know how to clean, I can pretty much take care of myself......

But when the wife and kids are gone for a week, I pretty much realize that it sucks to be at home by myself.  Even getting home late and getting up early to go to the gym, it still sucks having the house be so silent.

I am glad T and the C's had a blast.  I'm glad they got to have some fun in the sand but I am more glad that they are home.

Saturday was the best day ever.

Kiss The Baby



Friday, August 3, 2012

Thank You For Breastfeeding

Am I the only dad / husband blogging about this?

Maybe, might be, probably not...

I wouldn't care one ounce about World Breastfeeding Week if it were not for that one woman that has educated me so much about breastfeeding.  That one woman who has breastfed four children. She is still feeding one and he is three years old.  That woman who has made it a point to not only educate herself and me, she has taken her time to help friends and even gone up to strangers to tell them "Thanks" for doing a great thing.

This woman has breastfed in a house, a van, a mall, a store, a restaurant, a sidewalk, a soccer field..just about anywhere you can feed your baby..she has.  This woman has made it her priority to go to see that same lactation consultant after giving birth to each child. 

Had trouble, she still breastfed.  Tired, still fed.  Hungry, fed baby first.  Baby crying, fed baby.  She is my hero for so many reasons and I talk great about her no matter what week it is but I love the fact that the woman I am talking about is

MY WIFE T.  Our Children's MOMMY

T, thanks for breastfeeding and doing what is best for our children.  Thanks for being a strong voice for those that don't speak up.  Thanks for being proud of yourself for being a breastfeeding mommy.

Its not the only reason I love you, just one of a million.

Kiss The baby




Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh My God....You Voted For Who...For What?

Its funny how some people think everything about a persons business is their business.  What I do is none of anyone else's business when it comes to certain things. If I bring it up for a topic of conversation then yes, lets discuss.  I think some people out there want to make sure they know another persons business because they either want to make themselves feel better or try to keep up with other people.  Not happening. Quit trying. Be yourself.

Yesterday was local voting day in Georgia.  I went and voted.  They had a pretty big deal on the ballot yesterday called the T-Splost.  Its going to tax people and take that money to try and "Make roads better" and "Build a rail system"  and a number of things that are hidden in that agenda.  I was asked yesterday..."Did You Vote?"  I replied yes and then got asked "Where is your sticker?"....ummm, I don't need to wear my voting sticker that I got just to show I voted...Didn't your mommy tell you not to put stickers on your clothes anyways...

Then I was asked how I voted for the T-Splost....Mind you before I was asked this I overheard the same people basically arguing their points...So to be a complete ass, I told them I voted FOR IT....I got looks, got shit said to me, "You are stupid", "What an idiot", "Just don't vote anymore", "Tell T to make you vote a certain way"...Yeah.

Last time I checked....How I vote and who or what I vote for is none of any ones business.  Fact is that I work with some people that think they know everything about everything and they are all political know it alls.

So don't worry about me and who or what I vote for.  And to show how stupid these dumbass people are that want to talk shit at work....I voted against the T-Splost...Why would I want to be taxed for something that will never benefit me and take money away from outside counties and cities to pay for something that is in downtown Atlanta.  Something I will never use.  Jackass fools.

Stay true to who you are.  Don't let people bully you around, even about your Vote.

Kiss The Baby


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