Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh My God....You Voted For Who...For What?

Its funny how some people think everything about a persons business is their business.  What I do is none of anyone else's business when it comes to certain things. If I bring it up for a topic of conversation then yes, lets discuss.  I think some people out there want to make sure they know another persons business because they either want to make themselves feel better or try to keep up with other people.  Not happening. Quit trying. Be yourself.

Yesterday was local voting day in Georgia.  I went and voted.  They had a pretty big deal on the ballot yesterday called the T-Splost.  Its going to tax people and take that money to try and "Make roads better" and "Build a rail system"  and a number of things that are hidden in that agenda.  I was asked yesterday..."Did You Vote?"  I replied yes and then got asked "Where is your sticker?"....ummm, I don't need to wear my voting sticker that I got just to show I voted...Didn't your mommy tell you not to put stickers on your clothes anyways...

Then I was asked how I voted for the T-Splost....Mind you before I was asked this I overheard the same people basically arguing their points...So to be a complete ass, I told them I voted FOR IT....I got looks, got shit said to me, "You are stupid", "What an idiot", "Just don't vote anymore", "Tell T to make you vote a certain way"...Yeah.

Last time I checked....How I vote and who or what I vote for is none of any ones business.  Fact is that I work with some people that think they know everything about everything and they are all political know it alls.

So don't worry about me and who or what I vote for.  And to show how stupid these dumbass people are that want to talk shit at work....I voted against the T-Splost...Why would I want to be taxed for something that will never benefit me and take money away from outside counties and cities to pay for something that is in downtown Atlanta.  Something I will never use.  Jackass fools.

Stay true to who you are.  Don't let people bully you around, even about your Vote.

Kiss The Baby



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