Friday, August 3, 2012

Thank You For Breastfeeding

Am I the only dad / husband blogging about this?

Maybe, might be, probably not...

I wouldn't care one ounce about World Breastfeeding Week if it were not for that one woman that has educated me so much about breastfeeding.  That one woman who has breastfed four children. She is still feeding one and he is three years old.  That woman who has made it a point to not only educate herself and me, she has taken her time to help friends and even gone up to strangers to tell them "Thanks" for doing a great thing.

This woman has breastfed in a house, a van, a mall, a store, a restaurant, a sidewalk, a soccer field..just about anywhere you can feed your baby..she has.  This woman has made it her priority to go to see that same lactation consultant after giving birth to each child. 

Had trouble, she still breastfed.  Tired, still fed.  Hungry, fed baby first.  Baby crying, fed baby.  She is my hero for so many reasons and I talk great about her no matter what week it is but I love the fact that the woman I am talking about is

MY WIFE T.  Our Children's MOMMY

T, thanks for breastfeeding and doing what is best for our children.  Thanks for being a strong voice for those that don't speak up.  Thanks for being proud of yourself for being a breastfeeding mommy.

Its not the only reason I love you, just one of a million.

Kiss The baby



Tara August 3, 2012 at 9:13 PM   Reply to

I cannot believe I'm the first person to comment on what a fantastic post this is! You seriously win daddy of the day award for sure:) As a fellow nursing mom (I nursed my son until he was 2.5 and my daughter is still going strong at 17 months) I know that having a strong support network is crucial to a positive nursing experience. Kuddos to you for being a guy willing (and proud!) enough to blog about it!

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