Monday, August 20, 2012

Vacation is almost here

Vacations. They can be fun yet hard to plan for.  They are all different.

For instance when we go to Disney or the beach we drive.  We pack our stuff and usually as much as we want because we have the room in the van and the carrier on the top.

When we go to San Antonio soon we are flying, so packing is going to be A LOT harder.  We have to keep it simple and really know what we are taking and what we need to get when we get there.  This will be the first time flying with the kids.  Something we hope goes smoothly.  Bags, stroller, more bags, carry on, personal, check in...shit...guess we will see.

What can you pack and what cant you pack?  Guess we will print a list and see. What should go in the kids carry on and personal bags or even our for that matter?

Whats funny is the kids don't care about the same things T and I care about.  They are not caring about what to pack or how much.  Just as long as we have some fun things that they want to take.  They will not look at clothes and supplies and packing and unpacking.

The kids are ready to go.  Only time will tell if T and I are..We have some time.

Kiss The Baby



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