Wednesday, September 26, 2012

She Had Me At........

As you can tell by my header I'm judgemental. And?  If you don't like it, don't read.  Everyone judges others and that is my opinion. 

Over the years I have changed my ways of judging others.  I try to judge others not by the person they are but by their actions.  You can judge my actions too, It won't bother me.  Question my parenting choices and I'm fine with that, question how much I love my kids and then we have a problem.  Question what kind of husband I am, fine...Question my love for my wife and I will laugh at you.  I'm fine with what people say about me.  For instance I don't care if you call me an "assclown". 

As you will find out from reading on, that by not judging someone I earned a chance to learn a lot about a person that others may have made judgements on based on one moment.

Some of you may remember a very interesting Time Magazine cover photo of Jamie Lynne Grumet.

I say interesting because so many people had so many different opinions. Some people judged her on the photo and not her parenting skills or how much she loved her children and how she cared for them.  Me personally since I agree with her choices and how she chooses to raise her children, I didn't care about the cover.  I was more interested in the article.

A TON of people couldn't even make the commitment to read it.  Just pass judgement on the cover.  A right everyone has.

Wonder what those people would say about this?

Well I'm going to assume that the same people would still be negative. Oh well.

You see the covers and think so many different things.  Guess what?  Let me blow your mind here for a minute.  Last week I had the chance to have a nice conversation with Jamie.  Damn. Guess I should have asked her if I could call her that.  I'm going for it. She knows where to find me.  It all started when she wrote a blog post about Sex.  I Am Not The Baby Sitter is her blog so go check it out and all of the other posts as well.  I couldn't believe the comments that people were leaving.  So I took it upon myself to find her on twitter and stalk her strike up some conversation about "Attachment Parenting" as well as how a man and a woman can love and have sex with each other while having children.

I have to admit and I even mention to T that I was so shocked and surprised by how kind and sweet she was.  My preconceived notion is that I was talking to a celebrity.  But I was talking to a woman, wife and mom who shared some of the same ideas that T and I do.  It was during this time that I shed some thoughts on how a man should also be there during those times of bonding and how a man can actually bond with a child when the mom / wife is breastfeeding and babywearing.  Those times are huge for moms and dads can be left out.  Fact is that some dads don't know how to include themselves during those times.

So with these two great minds, well her great mind and my great.....ummm...... yeah......charm we came up with the idea that I should write a post about how I bonded with our kids and how other dads can do the same during those precious mommy / baby moments.  Come back tomorrow to find out some of my ideas and suggestions. 

After all was said and done,  I had a different opinion of Jamie.  Not only was I proud of her for her magazine covers and her time that she puts toward making more people see parenting in a different light, I was so honored that I got a chance to see that there was more to her than just those covers.  So by not judging her as a person, I learned a lot about her in just a brief amount of time.

 If more people took the time to discover a little about each other, then just imagine how great our children's lives would be.  Not us as adults but our children.

See ya tomorrow.  Comments are always welcome and debates and conversations are great.

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Guess I do have some luck. Bad Luck or Good Luck?  Depends on how you look at it.

Guess what they say is true.  It could always be worse.

That small leak?  That fluid that was dripping all over my garage?

That 2000 Chevrolet Impala of mine that has 277,000+ miles and gets me to and from work.

You know the one that broke down on me last night on the way home!

Yeah, that's my car.  That's my luck.  Just when we are at the point of having NO car payments, the vehicle that gets me to and from breaks down on me as I was driving home last night.  I was able to pull into a gas station and I see the fluid leaking all over the place.  Filled it with fluid and it was just pouring out like a fountain.

I am standing there like the non mechanic idiot that I am and I call T to let her know whats up and my next call is to a guy I know that drives a tow truck.  He comes and gets me and my car.  We go and drop it off and then he takes me home. 

So I got to stress about my car all night. Will it be fixed, can it be fixed, how much to fix it, am I going to have to shop for a car...I'm a stressing person by nature.  Just the way I am.

So without a ride all the way to work, T was sweet enough to get her and all the kids up early to get me over to our cousins house.  A lot closer than taking me to work.  We get to Steph's and I kiss the wife and kids goodbye.

Well as it stands now, my car can be fixed.  Some issues with hoses and the radiator and other parts and shit like that.  I have no clue.

 But I do know it will cost a lot less than buying a new car. 

So that's my luck. Good Luck. 

Kiss The Baby



Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend full of fun

What a good weekend it was.

Soccer Saturday.

This wasn't a match from hell.  No nose bleeds this time. I didn't upset my kid.

It was nice that C2's soccer game was at 11, gave us time to get up and not have to rush off to the field.  His game, well didn't go as good as the last game but that's going to happen.  C2 has some things that I need to work with him on, like not just standing there in the goal but to keep his head up and have his feet moving all the time. He had cement feet a few times as the goals went by, stopped a few but I need to get him to where he is always moving.  And when he is on offense, well he needs to step up aggression and push that ball and kick the S*#T out of it.  The one thing I love about his team is that all the kids play hard and try and never quit.  But I did what C2 wanted and didn't say anything during the game. Watched with my mouth closed. And trust me, that was hard. I cant wait to go watch C3 play soon, her team is doing very well and I LOVE the HER COACH handles and actually COACHES the kids. If I had the time and could do it, I would love to coach and I would coach just like he does.

Saturday Fair.

Well what can you say about the local Ga. State Fair?  Just like that old rap song says "The Freaks Come Out At Night" and some of them came out early on Saturday.  The kids had a blast, C3 rode the bull again and did good. They all rode rides and got to see some of the family we hadn't seen in a while.  T's cousin Mckenzie is pregnant with their 3rd and its their first boy and she looks great.  Its always good to see Gary looking healthy.  So the fair was fun.  Got home late, tired kids, nasty feet.

Football Saturday.

My picks were not great this weekend.  Got home in time to watch the rest and the nice come back of FSU beating Clemson.  Was not happy to see that damn Ga. Tech lost to Miami in OT.  And what would a Saturday be without those sorry ass damn Ga. Bulldogs.  I can't stand that team and I was sure hoping a miracle (like every weekend) that they would lose. But oh well maybe next time.

Football Sunday.

After working on my car and the riding mower it was time for some of the....listen shhhhh hear that, the undefeated Atlanta Falcons. Beating the Charger in San Diego on a short week is awesome. I know they wont run the table but damn its nice to be 3-0.

Extra Issues......

When I write this blog, I understand not everyone will agree with what I say.  I'm ok with that.  I love a good debate / argument / whatever you want to call it. 

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, September 20, 2012

Didn't Work Out Well

Bad Habits.

I bet most of us have them.  I know I do.

You should see the way I eat popcorn.  I bet you all eat it with your hands..NOT ME.  I have to bury my face in the bowl or bag of popcorn and use my tongue to get the pieces and then eat them.  I'm weird I know.  Chips, I'm sure I am the only one that has to put chips in a cup and then acts as if I am drinking out of that cup to get the chips into my mouth.  I just don't want to touch the stuff. I don't know why.

Well this weekend, C4 saw me eating some hot and spicy pretzel bites out of a cup.  I guess he decided I was cool and he wanted to be like daddy.

I got home last night and was talking to T.  She was telling me that C4 had some of those hot and spicy pretzel bites and he had them in a cup.  While tipping his cup up to get some, I was told that they all came crashing out onto his eyes.  What do 3 year olds do when stuff gets on their eyes?

RUB THEM....Not good.  I'm guessing that hurt and burned.

Sorry buddy. 



Monday, September 17, 2012

Soccer Match From Hell.

A cool sunny Saturday morning and all was right in the world....

until..............The soccer match from hell happened.

I was warming up with C2 and then all of a sudden his nose started blasting blood from it like it was a volcanic eruption.  It wouldn't stop. I took off my t-shirt and he and T went up to the concessions to see if he could get a new jersey since his had blood all over it. 

Mission Complete.  New jersey and ready to play. 

Never mind his coach is CLUELESS and has NO IDEA of what he is doing.  I mean from start to finish.  Hold your damn clipboard, assclown.

C2 played awesome.  I mean he really did.  Hustled after the ball, getting some shots at goal.  He was playing well.  Then he played goalie and he got better.  For a kid that doesn't like getting dirty, he was falling on the ball, diving for it, moving all over the place.  He even got back and dove for a ball that hit off the post saving a score.

This is when it got bad and ugly.  C2 came over to me, shoe untied and I thought no big deal, tie it up real fast and rush him back out.  When he came over, he was crying and telling me his stomach hurt.  I walked over to his coach and said you might want to sub C2 out, not feeling good.  His game was over for the day. Crying and stomach hurting he sat the rest of the game on the bench. No problem. I will never want the kids playing if they don't feel good or are hurt.

I may be a dumb ass, but I'm not stupid.  I do know a little something about my kids and how they are.  C2 will usually come to me if not feeling good and want me to hang or cuddle with him when sick.  He didn't want any of that Saturday.  He wanted nothing to do with me.  I left him alone.

I then told T to go ask him if he was mad at me.  I knew something was up.  She did and he was mad at me.  He didn't like me yelling at him during the game.  I felt sad.  I knew for the longest time he didn't like me yelling at him during the games but I cant help it.  Its hard.  I'm loud and a cheering parent.  I wasn't even yelling negative things,  just game type stuff.

So, this weekend I will once again make the best effort to keep my F-ing mouth shut and just let him play.  If he plays good I will high five him, if he plays bad, I will high five him.

I just love that he plays and enjoys it.

Me, I think if I yell again, T might try to score some goals kicking my soccer balls around.

Kiss the Baby



Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time To Make The Potty His Throne

As parents we celebrate and share the joy of the little and big things that happen in our kids lives.  First steps, first words, how long they breastfeed and how fast they grow and so on.  While these events are so awesome, they also are a sign of our babies growing up right before us.

Well our last little baby boy C4 (below) has started hard core potty training.

While this is a great thing for so many reasons, it also means that our last baby is getting older.  Potty training is a big deal.  It can be trying at times, but its a give a take type of thing.

Asking every few minutes if he has to go potty, or taking him in there every few minutes till he gets the routine down is the hardest thing.  Have underwear on hand and more added to the laundry is just the same as having cloth diapers.  More laundry...who cares.

So this little boy is now wearing underwear........

No, not like this. Well sometimes he wears them like this, but he gets that from me.  He has Angry Birds and lots more where that pair came from.

But have to be careful.  See while he does get some of his craziness from me, I am not one to be embarrassed when caught in my new underwear, but this little one....

He will get kind of shy.

Keep up the awesome work C4 on the potty training.

Love ya.

Kiss The baby



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Airports and Planes....For the First Time

Its awesome as parents when you can discover new things with your kids.  I'm not sure who gets more excited me and T or the C's.  In this instance I think we were all a little excited and nervous at the same time.  This was a big first for us and the kids.

We were getting on an airplane and it was the first time for the C's. (C1 flew when only weeks old so that doesn't count.)

I don't mind flying, haven't done it in a while but its no big deal to me.  T is not a fan of flying for a few reasons, one of them is having trouble with her ears popping. The C's well they had no clue what to expect.  They have been to the airport a few times before when our niece Madison came to visit US and they thought riding the train to the terminals was cool but this time we were getting on those big birds.

Each C had their own carry on bag. Each C did such a great job of pulling their own bag.  We got through security with no issues. None at all. Stroller, car seat and the kids all passed that test with flying colors.  That might have been my biggest fear was that we were going to have issues at security. But nope, it was all smooth.

We got on the plane and all the kids were awesome. C2 didn't like taking off AT ALL!!!! But once we got in the air, he was a pro. The kids played games, and had snacks.

We had the same luck on the way back from San Antonio.  Got to the airport, hit up security and the only issue at security was after we got through the first checkpoint there was a lady that was very rude to the kids. Rushing them and just being very rude. But not wanting to go to jail I just made the simple comment "Guess she doesn't deal with kids very often!!!"

Taking off...same issue with C2.  But just like before, get that sucker up in the air and he is all good.

I learned a few things while flying with the kids.

1. They are pee pee machines. Oh my word, we made more trips to the bathroom then I could count.

2. The suckers and snacks worked for the kids ears.

3. The talk so much louder when in the air. Holy shit, seemed like they were yelling.

All in all the flying and airport experience was a great one.

As a dad I want to leave this not for my kids that in hope they read this years down the road and know how I feel.

Dear C's,

I was very nervous for many reasons as you made your first trips to the land of flying.  I am just one of those dads that over thinks thing and gets nervous about anything.  But I want you all to know that you made me so very proud of you.  You not only did a great job of carrying your own stuff, you stayed with Mommy and I and you followed directions and did what the airport personal asked you to do.  You were always calm and cool and that impressed me to the max.  You kids showed me that I don't give you enough credit for being able to do things on your own.  I love you kids so much and I am so lucky to have you as my kids.

Love Daddy.

3 C's waiting for the plane

C4 playing Ipad waiting

C1 & C2 on the plane

C3 & C4 looking excited

C1 & C3 playing games from
Nanny and PawPaw

C2 & C4 playing the same games
Nanny and PawPaw gave them

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

America The Beautiful......And Strong


I lived in Katy, Tx. with T at the time.  I can remember waking up sitting in our little room where the computer was and as we were waiting to go to work, I was watching Good Morning America.

Then it happened. It all happened.  A plane hit the Tower.  T paused for a minute as she was leaving for work and she make a comment "We are probably being attacked?!?!"  She had no idea that she was so right. And neither did I.  Just as I was leaving for work it happened again......A second plane hit the Towers.  Damn.  I left the house for the dealership I was working at.

Such feelings coming over me, us and everyone at the same time.  Crazy feelings.

Then I heard something on the radio in my truck that made me panic.  Something happened at the Pentagon.  That is where my mother worked at the time and my father was often in that area as well.  Great. No cell phone, nothing.  I broke speed laws to get to work, where people had told me T was trying to reach me.

Spoke to T, discussed what happened and was frozen.  I was worried about my parents. Not knowing the deal made it worse.  Finally after hours I heard from them and they were OK. What a relief.

That was over but the bigger picture was still blurry.  The United States of American had been attacked.  Like some bad image from a movie or a video game, our strong Country had been cracked.  Not broken, but cracked.

Men and Women gave their lives that day.  Some fought, some had no choice.  Men and Women ran into buildings to help others.  Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters..etc...went into Hell and some came back to tell about it and some didn't.  To those, I thank your for your bravery.  I thank you for thinking of others before yourself.  All I could do that day was cry and wonder what if...The people in New York, D.C. and Pennsylvania acted. People from all over the Country and World that love us and respect us came to help.  A simple thanks is all I can give you.  Even 11 years later all I can do is thank you.

Those events brought our nation together.  People we never knew before all of a sudden were our friends, we held hands, we hugged, we talked, we cried together.  At that time we became ONE NATION under God. 

What happened to those days.  How have we become so hateful to each other.  No one talks to you in the stores, in lines, just in general.  Why do we all act like we are better than each other.  I'm guilty of it too.  Trust me, I could be nicer and I am going to try to be.  I want to be an example of good and kindness.  I'm tired of always being an asshole.

Remember this a day that we were bent but not broken.  Remember this day as a day that we all became brothers and sisters.  Remember this day as a day that we stood tall in times of trying to get knocked down.

Kiss The Baby


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