Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Airports and Planes....For the First Time

Its awesome as parents when you can discover new things with your kids.  I'm not sure who gets more excited me and T or the C's.  In this instance I think we were all a little excited and nervous at the same time.  This was a big first for us and the kids.

We were getting on an airplane and it was the first time for the C's. (C1 flew when only weeks old so that doesn't count.)

I don't mind flying, haven't done it in a while but its no big deal to me.  T is not a fan of flying for a few reasons, one of them is having trouble with her ears popping. The C's well they had no clue what to expect.  They have been to the airport a few times before when our niece Madison came to visit US and they thought riding the train to the terminals was cool but this time we were getting on those big birds.

Each C had their own carry on bag. Each C did such a great job of pulling their own bag.  We got through security with no issues. None at all. Stroller, car seat and the kids all passed that test with flying colors.  That might have been my biggest fear was that we were going to have issues at security. But nope, it was all smooth.

We got on the plane and all the kids were awesome. C2 didn't like taking off AT ALL!!!! But once we got in the air, he was a pro. The kids played games, and had snacks.

We had the same luck on the way back from San Antonio.  Got to the airport, hit up security and the only issue at security was after we got through the first checkpoint there was a lady that was very rude to the kids. Rushing them and just being very rude. But not wanting to go to jail I just made the simple comment "Guess she doesn't deal with kids very often!!!"

Taking off...same issue with C2.  But just like before, get that sucker up in the air and he is all good.

I learned a few things while flying with the kids.

1. They are pee pee machines. Oh my word, we made more trips to the bathroom then I could count.

2. The suckers and snacks worked for the kids ears.

3. The talk so much louder when in the air. Holy shit, seemed like they were yelling.

All in all the flying and airport experience was a great one.

As a dad I want to leave this not for my kids that in hope they read this years down the road and know how I feel.

Dear C's,

I was very nervous for many reasons as you made your first trips to the land of flying.  I am just one of those dads that over thinks thing and gets nervous about anything.  But I want you all to know that you made me so very proud of you.  You not only did a great job of carrying your own stuff, you stayed with Mommy and I and you followed directions and did what the airport personal asked you to do.  You were always calm and cool and that impressed me to the max.  You kids showed me that I don't give you enough credit for being able to do things on your own.  I love you kids so much and I am so lucky to have you as my kids.

Love Daddy.

3 C's waiting for the plane

C4 playing Ipad waiting

C1 & C2 on the plane

C3 & C4 looking excited

C1 & C3 playing games from
Nanny and PawPaw

C2 & C4 playing the same games
Nanny and PawPaw gave them

Kiss The Baby



Anonymous,  September 12, 2012 at 6:03 PM   Reply to

Hey Man, what an exciting experience for the family! You must be so proud of the littles for acting like pro-travelers!

Give yourself and your wife a pat on the back, good job!


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