Tuesday, September 11, 2012

America The Beautiful......And Strong


I lived in Katy, Tx. with T at the time.  I can remember waking up sitting in our little room where the computer was and as we were waiting to go to work, I was watching Good Morning America.

Then it happened. It all happened.  A plane hit the Tower.  T paused for a minute as she was leaving for work and she make a comment "We are probably being attacked?!?!"  She had no idea that she was so right. And neither did I.  Just as I was leaving for work it happened again......A second plane hit the Towers.  Damn.  I left the house for the dealership I was working at.

Such feelings coming over me, us and everyone at the same time.  Crazy feelings.

Then I heard something on the radio in my truck that made me panic.  Something happened at the Pentagon.  That is where my mother worked at the time and my father was often in that area as well.  Great. No cell phone, nothing.  I broke speed laws to get to work, where people had told me T was trying to reach me.

Spoke to T, discussed what happened and was frozen.  I was worried about my parents. Not knowing the deal made it worse.  Finally after hours I heard from them and they were OK. What a relief.

That was over but the bigger picture was still blurry.  The United States of American had been attacked.  Like some bad image from a movie or a video game, our strong Country had been cracked.  Not broken, but cracked.

Men and Women gave their lives that day.  Some fought, some had no choice.  Men and Women ran into buildings to help others.  Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters..etc...went into Hell and some came back to tell about it and some didn't.  To those, I thank your for your bravery.  I thank you for thinking of others before yourself.  All I could do that day was cry and wonder what if...The people in New York, D.C. and Pennsylvania acted. People from all over the Country and World that love us and respect us came to help.  A simple thanks is all I can give you.  Even 11 years later all I can do is thank you.

Those events brought our nation together.  People we never knew before all of a sudden were our friends, we held hands, we hugged, we talked, we cried together.  At that time we became ONE NATION under God. 

What happened to those days.  How have we become so hateful to each other.  No one talks to you in the stores, in lines, just in general.  Why do we all act like we are better than each other.  I'm guilty of it too.  Trust me, I could be nicer and I am going to try to be.  I want to be an example of good and kindness.  I'm tired of always being an asshole.

Remember this a day that we were bent but not broken.  Remember this day as a day that we all became brothers and sisters.  Remember this day as a day that we stood tall in times of trying to get knocked down.

Kiss The Baby



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