Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Guess I do have some luck. Bad Luck or Good Luck?  Depends on how you look at it.

Guess what they say is true.  It could always be worse.

That small leak?  That fluid that was dripping all over my garage?

That 2000 Chevrolet Impala of mine that has 277,000+ miles and gets me to and from work.

You know the one that broke down on me last night on the way home!

Yeah, that's my car.  That's my luck.  Just when we are at the point of having NO car payments, the vehicle that gets me to and from breaks down on me as I was driving home last night.  I was able to pull into a gas station and I see the fluid leaking all over the place.  Filled it with fluid and it was just pouring out like a fountain.

I am standing there like the non mechanic idiot that I am and I call T to let her know whats up and my next call is to a guy I know that drives a tow truck.  He comes and gets me and my car.  We go and drop it off and then he takes me home. 

So I got to stress about my car all night. Will it be fixed, can it be fixed, how much to fix it, am I going to have to shop for a car...I'm a stressing person by nature.  Just the way I am.

So without a ride all the way to work, T was sweet enough to get her and all the kids up early to get me over to our cousins house.  A lot closer than taking me to work.  We get to Steph's and I kiss the wife and kids goodbye.

Well as it stands now, my car can be fixed.  Some issues with hoses and the radiator and other parts and shit like that.  I have no clue.

 But I do know it will cost a lot less than buying a new car. 

So that's my luck. Good Luck. 

Kiss The Baby



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