Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time To Make The Potty His Throne

As parents we celebrate and share the joy of the little and big things that happen in our kids lives.  First steps, first words, how long they breastfeed and how fast they grow and so on.  While these events are so awesome, they also are a sign of our babies growing up right before us.

Well our last little baby boy C4 (below) has started hard core potty training.

While this is a great thing for so many reasons, it also means that our last baby is getting older.  Potty training is a big deal.  It can be trying at times, but its a give a take type of thing.

Asking every few minutes if he has to go potty, or taking him in there every few minutes till he gets the routine down is the hardest thing.  Have underwear on hand and more added to the laundry is just the same as having cloth diapers.  More laundry...who cares.

So this little boy is now wearing underwear........

No, not like this. Well sometimes he wears them like this, but he gets that from me.  He has Angry Birds and lots more where that pair came from.

But have to be careful.  See while he does get some of his craziness from me, I am not one to be embarrassed when caught in my new underwear, but this little one....

He will get kind of shy.

Keep up the awesome work C4 on the potty training.

Love ya.

Kiss The baby



James (SeattleDad) September 14, 2012 at 12:01 AM   Reply to

That is such a big milestone to finally surpass. Good luck to you both.

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