Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend full of fun

What a good weekend it was.

Soccer Saturday.

This wasn't a match from hell.  No nose bleeds this time. I didn't upset my kid.

It was nice that C2's soccer game was at 11, gave us time to get up and not have to rush off to the field.  His game, well didn't go as good as the last game but that's going to happen.  C2 has some things that I need to work with him on, like not just standing there in the goal but to keep his head up and have his feet moving all the time. He had cement feet a few times as the goals went by, stopped a few but I need to get him to where he is always moving.  And when he is on offense, well he needs to step up aggression and push that ball and kick the S*#T out of it.  The one thing I love about his team is that all the kids play hard and try and never quit.  But I did what C2 wanted and didn't say anything during the game. Watched with my mouth closed. And trust me, that was hard. I cant wait to go watch C3 play soon, her team is doing very well and I LOVE the HER COACH handles and actually COACHES the kids. If I had the time and could do it, I would love to coach and I would coach just like he does.

Saturday Fair.

Well what can you say about the local Ga. State Fair?  Just like that old rap song says "The Freaks Come Out At Night" and some of them came out early on Saturday.  The kids had a blast, C3 rode the bull again and did good. They all rode rides and got to see some of the family we hadn't seen in a while.  T's cousin Mckenzie is pregnant with their 3rd and its their first boy and she looks great.  Its always good to see Gary looking healthy.  So the fair was fun.  Got home late, tired kids, nasty feet.

Football Saturday.

My picks were not great this weekend.  Got home in time to watch the rest and the nice come back of FSU beating Clemson.  Was not happy to see that damn Ga. Tech lost to Miami in OT.  And what would a Saturday be without those sorry ass damn Ga. Bulldogs.  I can't stand that team and I was sure hoping a miracle (like every weekend) that they would lose. But oh well maybe next time.

Football Sunday.

After working on my car and the riding mower it was time for some of the....listen shhhhh hear that, the undefeated Atlanta Falcons. Beating the Charger in San Diego on a short week is awesome. I know they wont run the table but damn its nice to be 3-0.

Extra Issues......

When I write this blog, I understand not everyone will agree with what I say.  I'm ok with that.  I love a good debate / argument / whatever you want to call it. 

Kiss The Baby



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