Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fight For Your RIght....Ga. Amendment One

I have written several times about how we are a homeschooling family.  K12 / GCA (GA. Cyber Academy) is the forum that we use for our kids to receive an education.  We have done this for years now.  We are not strangers to the walls that are needed to be climbed or the paths that are needed to be  created to keep the charter schools going strong for families like us that choose this route. 

I used to knock "Traditional Schools" but I learned over the years that not every one is in the same place in their lives where they have the options to make a choice like we did. And if you read back over that last sentence you will notice a key word that pretty much sums up what this is all about....


Why would or hell, why should we as parents and (our) kids not have options as to how an education is achieved.  Some kids need that option.  Some parents what to have a choice.  Some kids don't fit into the "Traditional School" setting and some parents can't afford Private Schools.  Some local schools are not up to the standards in which some of us want our kids to be educated.  Again it is all about being able to have a choice.  We are given choices in almost everything we do, so why take that away from families in this area?

Personally, in our area the school that our kids would be going to is not a great school.  Based on scores and activities going on at the school we felt like we would be able to provide a better education for our kids by homeschooling them in an online charter school environment.  Personally I know teachers in the local schools and they are great people, very nice people, our friends and family members in fact but that does not mean I want them teaching our kids.  I also personally know some people that are involved in the local schools and there is no way in hell I would want them educating my kids based on behavior outside of that learning environment. 

Homeschooling is so different than it was before.  That perception of how it was in the past is gone.  My kids don't stay at home locked up in a house without interaction with other kids and adults.  Our kids don't miss the chance to go visit and take trips that will help them learn new things.  I think our kids have more of a chance to learn and educate themselves in the everyday life that we provide for them.  The three kids that are involved in the online academy right now are advanced in all areas of learning.  Two of the kids are so far ahead in some areas that I have to remind myself that they are still kids and still learning little kids things.  I am truly amazed at how well the kids have done and how well my wife T has helped them along that path.

Before you vote please make sure you read and get both sides of the story.  You may be making a positive and or negative difference in a child's life.  Come to find out you may even know that child.

(This information was provided by  GA Public Charter School Families for Amendment One) Save Our Public Charter Schools - Facebook Page  If you facebook please go LIKE this page.

Find out more about Amendment One here Georgia Charter Schools Amendment One
There are approximately 50,000 Georgia students attending public charter schools.
Georgia ranks 12th in the nation on the Parent Power Index©. But despite its favorable rank, a score of 72% out of 100% is hardly a ringing endorsement of our current education system. Only 62% of our children graduate from high school and only 28% of our 8th graders can read at grade level and sadly the numbers are worse in urban centers.

7 Things That WILL HAPPEN if Amendment One LOSES:

1. Choice will be limited; parents will lose their ability to select the education that fits best for their child. If parents can choose a doctor, a realtor, a grocer, a banker, and a dentist, why can’t they choose a school? 2. More kids will be shoe-horned into a school that doesn’t fit their unique needs. 3. Kids who have fallen behind won’t get the attention they need. 4. Classrooms will become more crowded. 5. Some kids will be put back into an unsafe environment – exposing them to unruly bullies. 6. Students who excel tackling advanced challenges will waste away the hours twiddling their thumbs and hoping their classmates can catch up. 7. Sick children will lose a lifeline to continue their education – causing them to fall farther behind while they wait for their health to improve.     Thank You for your time.

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