Friday, October 5, 2012

I have a question for you.....

Are you ready for some SPORTS ????

The City of Atlanta is.  Its Game Time!

Whats better than a beautiful Friday evening around 5pm and you hear the awesome sound of drums and the TomaHawk Chop Chant going off at Turner Field.  With a One and Done Playoff Game for two Wild Card teams you have the St. Louis Cardinals (defending World Series Champs) coming into town.  And everyone hopes that this will NOT be Chipper Jones last home game. Braves will win.

Then Saturday arrives and you know what that means.  College Football.  So many great games this weekend with teams in the Top 25.  Two teams in the Top 10 battle it out in South Carolina as the team I love to hate the UGA Bulldogs (Why people call them DAWGS is beyond me) travels to take on the GameCocks.  USC is a narrow 1.5 point favorite and I am pulling for them in the biggest way.  I am hoping that with UGA's starting WR out for the year that MAYBE just MAYBE it will slow down that powerful offense and Lattimore (USC RB) will run all over the BullPuppies.  I'm picking S. Carolina to beat UGA and cover that 1.5

Then you have the Ga. Tech Yellow Jackets who have no stinger left at all hitting the road and taking a trip to Death Valley to LOSE to Clemson.  The Jackets have no shot.  As much as I love Tech, they have no defense and that awesome option attack they have........yeah, not so awesome.  It pains me but Tech will lose and Clemson will cover the 10 points.

Then my boys from the Great State of Texas, The University of Texas Longhorns have a true test as West Virginia and the Super Hero Geno Smith invade Austin on Saturday Night.  The Horns are a 7 point favorite and even down by 6th Street that is just too many points.  W. Va has not played a defense that is as fast as Texas yet.  The Horns will not be able to shut down Geno Smith but they will slow him down just enough to win the game and pull out another close victory.  Hook Em' Horns will win but will not cover the 7 points against W. Va. 

Now we have come to the moment that will give me great joy.  I am going to talk some shit to my Mother.  My Mother happens to be a lifelong Washington Redskins fan.  That is great.  I'm happy for her.  But what will happen Sunday when the Atlanta Falcons head North to take over DC is going to have her watching her massive 900 inch tv and calling me asking if she can catch a ride on the Falcons bandwagon.  Sure Mom, you can join the Falcon Fan Club.  RGIII is awesome.  The Skins are good this year.  I'm glad that they are winning again.  But, with the Falcons defense and an offense that is loaded with more weapons than our Nations military I just don't see the Skins being able to keep up.  That's right Mom, I'm going to be blowing up your phone with text messages and pictures of Falcons gear.  Atlanta is favored by 3 points and will move to 5-0 by beating the Skins and covering the 3.

Other than that, looks like I will be having some home fix it projects to do.  T has been putting in some overtime finding some projects and C1 just walks around the house looking for stuff for me to fix. I have a neighbor that will hopefully be fixing my mower today so I can cut my 3 week long grass.  I'm sure I will be busy with plenty to do and mixing in some Crossfit wods at the house and some trips to the gym....Going to be a fun fast paced weekend.

Keep up.

Kiss The Baby



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