Monday, October 8, 2012

Winning While Losing

Hard to figure out if the games that I picked wrong make up for the games that I picked right.

So lets be completely honest.....I could care less about the Braves.  I love sports, I know sports.  Baseball isn't up on top of my list.  I picked the Braves to win and just like they do every year.......THEY CHOKE....They damn choke.  And then to make it worse, those fans that threw all that stuff on the field...LOSERS!!!!  It was a horrible call.  A wrong call, but guess what people...IT DIDN'T LOSE THE GAME.  The BRAVES lost the game.  The players lost the game.  Bad calls happen in games....But that call wasn't the reason they lost.  Way to make Atlanta fans look good people by trashing the field...Classy.

Well Ga. Tech was trying to prove me wrong Saturday and not only keep it close but they actually wanted to win that game.  I knew the good ol Tech team would show up and blow it.  Clemson was too strong and too good.

I picked South Carolina to win and cover the points against the UGA Bulldogs but DAMN...Boy they didn't just cover the points they straight up whooped the shit out of the Pound Puppies and I loved every second of it.  Kept checking the score of that game and every time I did my smile got bigger.  UGA always blows it you just never know when. 

But then all hell broke loose and someone dumped a big bowl of slop on my Bulldogs Suck Ass Cake.  That someone happened to be the West Virginia football team.  Man, I knew that game was going to be a hard one and I knew it was going to be close but Texas couldn't hang on to the lead and WVA went into Austin and took that win and marched down 6th Street with it.

Then Sunday came.  This was not a game that had me smiling the whole time.  I love my Dirty Birds and I'm not a flip flopper but hell, I wasn't a fan of the game plan and the defense couldn't tackle for shit yesterday as that rookie running back left cleat marks all over my Falcons.  Ryan had a nice screen pass go for a touchdown...TO THE WRONG TEAM.  RGIII and the Skins were looking to upset the Birds until he got knocked out of the game.

So MOM....I know you had your moments yesterday when you were talking trash about my Falcons and you were THIS close to being on the winning side yesterday but when it came down to it, Matty Ice led them down the field and the defense finally showed up and sealed the deal.  I wont be too hard on you Mom, I mean I can't fault you for loving your team...But that 5-0 feels so good.

Other than sports, it was a great weekend.  Something About Mary!

Kiss The Baby



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