Friday, November 16, 2012

Being Thankful for Whatever

With Thanksgiving coming up next week it is pretty much a given that we as parents will ask our kids "What are you thankful for?"

Now some parents have the kids that go above and beyond and say they are thankful for so many deep things that really make you think is my kids that smart or older and more sincere than they really are?  Nah, kids are just smarter and more aware of whats going on around them.

My oldest C1 is nine years old. Now while he could really go deep and tell us he is thankful for being homeschooled, or having great parents and having clothes on his back and that kind of stuff...I think having him stay young and innocent and telling us he is thankful for silly things can be just as awesome.

I think I would enjoy it more if the kids would just say what comes to them..

like.....legos, tv shows, milk, and so on.

I would sit and cry and feel so good if my kids got all deep and emotional and had some world changing things that they were thankful for....

..But for now..I just want to laugh and smile and have a good time with them.

We can be deep and emotional later.

Kiss the baby



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