Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I dont know what I am saying.

Is it a sign of getting older that when you are asked "What do you want for Christmas" you have no idea of what the hell to say?

That is where I'm at now.  I have no clue what to say.  I have everything I need..Except the winning lotto numbers and that isn't a gift. That is luck. Anyways.  I have a great wife, 4 healthy happy wonderful kids, parents that love us, a mother in law that I get along with, I mean what else is there?

All the other stuff is materialistic.  Sure I have wants. I have lots of wants.  I have needs too.  But no gift is a need.

I love that T can bust my balls for things and she can say whats on her mind and she puts me right back in my place.  I love that I respect my wife so much that I don't dare test her and I know how to make her happy.  I think.  Honey do I make you

My kids are all so awesome.  I love that they are all so different.  They are smart, creative, sociable and funny.  They are there for me and they all come to me when they need something.

I have a job I hate.  And when I say hate. I mean hate.  But this will just make the next place I land that much better and I will appreciate good people when I get there.  And I will look back on this place and wish them sanity and luck.

I think about life a lot.  Im am such a sensitive asshole.  I let things get to me and I think and over think things way too too much.  I have been thinking about life a lot lately.  Finding a job, maybe leaving our house, moving, starting over, struggling to get back on top.  I know Im not the only one.  It could be worse.  I mean at least Im not in the food line or holding a sandwich board in the cold on the corner. 

So what do I want for Christmas?  Shit, I guess some peace of mind.  Some stressless days.  Some time when I am not worried about my wife and kids.  Not worrying about living check to check.  I also know that I am the only one that can give myself this gift.

I have to make it happen.

Kiss the baby



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