Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Ok.  So I have become that sorry excuse for a man that is letting all of the struggles that are hitting me right now be reasons to become something that I cant stand.


Well today is the last day for that shit.

So what.  I work for people that don't care about anything but themselves.  So what if I put 10 years into a place and get the raw end of the deal....Happens everyday to hundreds and thousands and millions of people.  I'm not alone.  Just means I need to change my mind and environment and make it better.

So what if I didn't pass my Crossfit test.  Doesn't mean I don't love the gym and Crossfit.  Just means that I need to get off my ass, stop feeling sorry for myself and get back in the gym and get back to doing what I love to do..working out.  Crossfit Level One will come.  I'm that close and I will get it.

I had to laugh at myself this morning.  Now I have lost a ton of weight.  Dropped from a size 38 to a size 36 in pants, and from a XL to L in shirts but since my sorry ass wanted to be a little wuss and feel sorry for myself and not go to the gym, I have lost some size.  I noticed this morning when I put a shit that USED to show my arms off when they were bigger and now they looked like little twigs. That was enough for me.  I WILL be back in the gym first thing in the morning.  C3 even told me to stop being lazy and get in there.

I have sent out a ton of resumes.  I know something will hit.  I just need to remember that it may not happen overnight.

My biggest thing is that I need to stay positive. POSITIVE.

In other news....staying positive, C2's fall soccer season came to an end on Saturday with back to back defeats in tournament matches.  But it ended on a good note as the team played really well in the second game.  I was actually glad to see them finish well and C2 didn't let anyone score on him in the first quarter.  That was a victory for him in itself.  The kids gave the coach a Ga. Bulldog cooler and the hardest part of that is that a Bulldog cooler sat in my garage for a week. And the coach did a nice gesture and gave the kids a soccer ball.  But sports are over now and time to get back on schedule and get some rest.

So...I am going to kick this current job in its ass and to the curb and find a new one and then I am going to Crossfit my way to a Level One PASS on that test and start teaching others how to become better, faster and stronger and more healthy.

I will no longer be a walking excuse. NO MORE

Kiss The Baby



Merrie November 15, 2012 at 8:38 PM   Reply to

We all have our down times, when the bad things just overwhelm us and we need to step back. I think it's important to feel it -- let yourself go through it and know why. And then do just what you're doing -- picking yourself back up and saying NO MORE. You impress me, and I'm excited to see where you'll land next. :)

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