Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful for C1

This is Thanksgiving Week so I am going to write some things that I am Thankful for each day this week. Not the typical things but maybe some off the wall things to try and lighten the mood a little.

Oh my. Lets start with C1. What a 9 year old we have on our hands.  I'm Thankful for his humor, his goofy sense of humor that he gets from me.  The one that loves to come in our bedroom a million times each night for water, hugs and kisses and more water.  The one that you think is in bed sleeping but he is really in there reading and drawing.  The one that loves to sit in the bath till the water is cold and then says "Oh you wanted me to use soap?"  I'm thankful for his stories that he loves to tell while he is eating at the table and how he has to get up from the table to finish telling me the story. 

I'm thankful that C1 loves legos.  I'm thankful that he is probably the worlds slowest eater.  We can all be finished, cleaned up and ready for bed and he will still be eating. And I'm cool with that. lol.  I'm thankful he loves green grapes.  I'm thankful he loves to read.  I'm thankful he uses his sleeves as a napkin, saves us money on paper towels.

Being thankful for C1 is easy. My first born is a great kid.  He is a soft sensitive sweet hearted boy that is always thinking of others. He makes me, his mommy and his brothers and sister proud.

Love you C1.

Kiss The Baby



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