Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful for C2

Having a boy first was awesome.  I'm Thankful that my second was also a boy. C2.  Man is this kid a tough one.  I am already so Thankful for him that I know by the time I'm like 80 he may be the one changing my old man diapers.  Well I take that back, he may be the one yelling at me to get up and get my ass to the toilet.

So many things come to mind when I think of reasons why I am Thankful for C2.  Most of all I think I am Thankful that he is just like his mother.  I'm Thankful for his strong will never give up attitude.

I'm Thankful that he is a solid thick child, because when he falls asleep and I have to move him its like a Crossfit workout carrying him all over the place.  I'm Thankful that he has his two blankets that he has had ever since he was a baby.  I'm Thankful he knows the words butt, fart and poop cause if he didn't lord only knows what else he would have to say or call his brothers and sister.

I'm Thankful that C2 is the only one out of all the kids that actually builds his lego sets and then keeps them together.  I'm Thankful that he is our child that makes me work everyday to be a better parent.  I'm thankful that C2 is my son that walks across the house almost every night to climb into our bed.

I'm Thankful that he is the one that is like me in the way he will talk so much shit and then come right back and be that sweet sensitive boy.

Most of all I'm Thankful that C2 is his own person.  And I am Thankful that he is our son.

Kiss The Baby



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