Monday, December 17, 2012

A Wishful Thinking Christmas List

With Christmas a week away there are plenty of people that will be doing last minute shopping.  Mostly men, a good number of women and then kids who have to be taken out by parents to finish off some shopping for a spouse or brothers and sisters.  Needless to say, a lot of shopping will be going on this week and weekend.

A great dad and good friend John at Daddys In Charge just wrote a post about things NOT to buy him for Christmas and I loved it.  I'm going to give you some ideas of what you can get some of us regular guys that we wont open the gifts and be like..."Damn! Really?"  These may be good ideas for some, but not all.

For those of you that like to hit the gym and workout and maybe even some of you that are awesome enough to do CrossFit like myself.  Just needing something to read to know all you can know about CrossFit subscribe your man or woman to Fit Soldier Time formally CrossFit Times. Editor Diego Centeno does a great job with this along with all his contributors. I read this everyday and love it.

Want to get some of the best gear for your Wods whether you are in a gym doing Crossfit like me or you belong to a Box check out Reebok or Rogue Fitness for the best of the best CrossFit gear. Anything from clothing to equipment.  I love all of my Reebok gear and I would love something...anything from Rogue Fitness.

A lot of us men, like to listen to some music when we are either doing yard work, working out and sometimes when we are traveling.  How about getting that person you love a Ipod Touch.  Some of us don't have ways to put music on our phone and like me I am just not smart enough to get music on my droid phone.  Get that Ipod Touch and maybe some iTunes credits and let the downloading begin.

Cooking. A lot of us guys love to cook.  A lot of us guys have hot wives that are good cooks too.  How about you wives get yourselves a sexy apron to cook our meals in.  Looking sweet and sexy while cooking would be an awesome gift.

Want to look for some different and unique kinds of gifts?  Go to Novica.  This helpful gift finder will help you find exactly what you are looking for. It has so many different things that a guy could want or need. I think what each of you should do is go look on that gift finder and come back and tell me what your wishlist item would be from their site.  If you chose the most unique gift that you want or would give someone else, you could be the big winner of a New Years Gift....A $40 gift code from Novica. Email me at your perfect gift choice. Winner will be chosen on the 1st.

I'm not a drinker.  Have not had a drink in five plus years.  But I know that some of you do and if you are needing a gift for someone that drinks then I only know of one person that can give you the best advice and info on what kind of beers to buy. Pat who lives in Kansas City has KC Beer Blog and it is full of great information.

Game systems and Electronics.  Guys love this shit. Plain and Simple.

Clothes.  I don't recommend buying clothes.  Let the man buy his own clothes. Unless you are a clothing idiot like myself and need a wife to pick everything out.

Reading.  Sure buy us shit to read.  Gives us more time to spend in the bathroom reading, while the kids are going crazy around the rest of the house.

PO-DO.  Give us as much as we can handle.

So that is just a basic list.  Just a few items and ideas of what you can do for us guys that will make us happy and at the end of a long Christmas day.

Merry Christmas

Kiss The Baby


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