Thursday, December 27, 2012

C3 Turns Six.

Something about having a daughter that makes the world seem ok.

Daughters are so special.

I didn't realize that until my sweet C3 was born six years ago today.

I never knew that it would all be so different. 

From my favorite song with C3 in mind being Tim McGraws "My Little Girl"  to her singing Justin Bieber and Maroon 5 with me in the car.  Or even when she listens to my phone and sings Bruno Mars, she is my special little sing-a-long girl.

It is so awesome that she is the fastest thing on two feet.  She is crazy, wreckless and adventurous.  She has no fear factor and she will take on any challenge you give her.  She climbed 8 feet up the rope at the CrossFit box and she was on that rower for countless minutes.  She is always asking me to do the pull up bar.  She loves her box that I built her for jumps.

We laugh when we brush teeth, we giggle when we say goodnight.  We smile when I kiss her on her cheek.

She is everything a dad could want in a daughter.

C3 is also so much like her Mommy.  More than anyone including myself can still to this day believe.  The smallest thing like the looks she will give you to the attitude she will throw back at you.  She has that fight in her that her mother has.  No putting up with anything from her brothers and at the same time making sure she is by their side.

Being that sweet little girl that sits there and gets her little curly hair fixed and then having a hair bow added for that extra special look.  And now its her straight hair, still with a bow but now T is adding color chalk to it to make her look cool.  She loves it, me...ummmm. It makes me scared.. lol

Now that she is six, she is eager to help her Mommy do everything.  Clean and cook and take care of what she like to call "her boys" (brothers)

She is the proud owner of a cat named Lily, who sleeps with her and watches over her while she does her schoolwork.

From that moment when I almost missed her being born cause I wanted to get something to eat to the exact moment when I got to hold her this morning and wish her happy birthday, I will always be a proud and happy father of a wild, crazy, smart, beautiful, fun and loving daughter.

I couldn't be happier.  I love you C3.  You are my rock star with crazy 80's rock band hair. lol.

Kiss The Baby



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