Thursday, December 20, 2012

Don't Stop Believing

Our kids are getting older. That sucks in so many ways. If you have kids you know what I'm talking about.  Around this time of year, the growth of our children seems to be amplified even more.  Its Christmas time.  When you have kids, what usually happens around now....

Questions get asked.  Lots and lots of questions.  Letters are written and responses are expected back in return.

C1 is 9, C2 is 7, C3 will be six two days after Christmas and C4 is 3.

T and I have talked about how much it is going to suck when one or more of the kids find out some news about the big ol jolly fellow.  Not going to be good.  I know it happens, but I don't want it to happen.  I love that our kids still have that innocence.  Whats wrong with believing?  I don't think anything.  The waiting and hoping that they are on the NICE list.  It makes it fun.  Elfie our Elf on the Shelf, that too makes it a fun time.

I have gotten letters from the kids that they have written to Santa and Elfie and I love reading them. The question they are asking not only makes me smile as being their parent but makes me feel young again and have that feeling of wanting a big surprise. 

Keeping that sense of belief is one of the reasons I love the move "The Polar Express".  Other may not believe and may get you to think something isn't real, but as long as you have that belief in your own heart it can be real to you.

So many people and different things of our society will try and rob our kids of that last little bit of innocence they have left...Do we really want our kids growing up faster than they have to?  I don't.

I want my kids being young at heart and having fun for as long as they can. 

Kiss The baby



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