Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Thoughts

T and I are parents that homeschool.  As of last week and the tragic horrible events of Sandy Hook Elementary School, it really doesn't matter where and how you educate your children anymore for certain reasons.  Parents send kids to school thinking they are going to get and education and that the worst possible thing that might happen is that they learn something bad or eat a bad school lunch.  I used to feel safe that my kids were at home all day learning.  All of that has changed.  It has changed for all of us.  Everyone I talk to and know and converse with on social media have the one main thing in common......We all love our children and want them to be safe.  We even share concern for others kids and families. 

We are one giant big family.

This post I am writing isn't about facts, it is my opinion.

We as parents, grandparents, family and friends need to do more to make the society we live in safer for our children.  It starts at home.  Everything starts at home.

I am an advocate for Gun Control. All you gun lovers and 2nd Amendment lovers can talk all you want about your right to bear arms.  I have no issue with people having guns.  I have a gun IN A LOCKED SAFE in my home where only T and I know that it is.  Bear your arms.  But for the love of god why do you need to bear a semi or fully automatic gun? Oh yeah your arguments will be....Hunting, Collecting, and that Red Dawn Attack that may come to your door, and how can we leave our that it's your right.  You still didn't tell me WHY you NEED to own anything other than a handgun or maybe a shotgun or regular rifle.  What are you hunting with a semi or full automatic rifle?  A tank.  If you suck that damn bad at hunting as to where you need a high powered semi or fully automatic rifle...Then start fishing.  Collecting guns?  Don't people collect things that are antiques?  Go buy your ass a cannon while you are at it.  Get you a warship and plant it in your driveway.

We as a nation need stricter gun laws.  It is way too easy for anyone to go get a gun.  Yes they can also get them on the black market but if you are a legit, honest gun owner and want a gun, then you should have no problem going through a harder more detailed process to get a gun.  And make it so NO high powered guns can be sold.  You want a high powered gun to play with, join the Military.

Video games and movies and television.  I used to play these game and I watch shows and movies that are violent.  I am an adult. I am of sound mind.  But kids play these games and watch shows and movies that are way out of their league.  Someone told me yesterday that a 7 year old girl wanted Call of Duty the video game. Why in the hell would a 7 year old girl want to play a live action game where it has so much detail that it looks like you are watching a high def Rambo Movie on a big screen?  Whether people want to believe it or not violence is violence and you have to keep kids away from that.  Why do kids need to see that anyways. Cause you as a parent want to see it.  Why does a young child need to see and hear things that are negative in the first place.  Along with shooting and killing and raping being in video games, what about negative language like idiot, stupid, shut up, moron, dumb and etc..Do kids really need to know that. And if they hear it from somewhere else, cant they be taught that those are not nice words to hear or use?

Another thing I am sick and tired of hearing about it the mental health issue.  Stop blaming mental health or some sort of disorder for each and every bad thing that happens in America.  If a black person commits such acts, they are thugs.  If a foreign person does it, they are terrorists.  If a white person does it they have Mental Illness.  If you think someone has a problem, get them help.  If you think a person is being bullied, get them friends.  Not every person that has a mental problem is a killer. A lot of them are sweet people that need to be loved and talked to.

This is such a major problem and it involves so much more than what I have written.  I don't have the answers and I don't know where to start.  But we all have to start.  You and me.  US. Everyone is passionate about this.  It involved children, parents and loved ones and we all care.  No matter what side of the road you are on, we all care.  Lets discuss it.  Lets argue about it.  Its a start.

You may or may not agree with what I wrote, but this is my opinion and I'm sure I have left something out.

Here is a link to a write up that someone who I really enjoy reading and I value her opinion and she is a great mom and person.  Go check out Dagmar Bleasdales...Dagmar*s Momsense.  I loved it and you just might too.

Never Forget Newtown.

Blow kisses toward the sky for those kids.



Dagmar December 18, 2012 at 12:28 PM   Reply to

Dear Scott, thank you for writing this - your passion and love for your kids comes through. I think it's wonderful that you homeschool your kids.

Thanks for mentioning my post. I hope that it inspires people to think more about the images of violence they allow their kids to see, and about stricter gun laws. It does all start at home.

Wishing you a peaceful Holiday Season,

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