Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top 10 CrossFit Coaching Crushes

I'm not going to get into how I cannot afford to join a box.  I'm not going to talk about how my schedule doesn't really line up with those of the boxes that are in my area....

I have beaten that drum harder than Tommy Lee and no I'm not talking about the Pamela Anderson drum....

What I am going to do today since I love Crossfit, I love the idea of being coached and I love the idea of learning something new daily, I am going to highlight some of my favorite members and Coaches that are in the CrossFit Community.  I am going to give you all my TOP 10 CrossFit Coaching Crushes.  This is MY TOP 10 list of people that I would love to kick my ass in the box.  These are the people that I would love to have teach me and make me Better, Stronger, Faster and Smarter.

The list below comes from people I stalk follow on various avenues of social media or that I have met in person and had the pleasure of working with at one point and time.  I learn something new on a daily basis from these people. These people are part of the reason I love CrossFit and I stay on that path to find success in CrossFit.  When I am at home in my garage I have visions of video clips, I have visions of words that I have read and imprints in my mind of tips and cues that all of these people have put out there into the world for everyone to see and learn from.

TOP 10 List starts in 3...2...1...

10. Rich Froning - CrossFit Mayhem  - The Two Time CrossFit Games Champion.  Is there anything that a person couldn't learn from him?  I doubt it!  I would love to be coached by him for the simple reason that he never seems to be satisfied in his training.  If a Two Time Champion is never satisfied in his own training, think about how he would push others to be better.  I will be buying his book when it is released.

9. Spencer Hendel - Reebok Crossfit One - From watching Reebok Crossfit videos I found Spencer and started watching his powerlifting and Olympic lifting techniques. Doing WOD's by myself in the garage its hard to learn how to do a lot of the lifts without hurting myself.  His videos have helped me by breaking down the movements.

8. Matt Chan - Crossfit Verve, CO. - I follow this awesome specimen of man on Twitter.  Coming in second in the 2012 CrossFit Games and in my opinion looking like a mix of Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg got my attention.  Watching his YouTube videos covering Knees To Elbows and Box Jumps are a must if I am including those in a WOD when I get home.

7. Jon Gilson - Again Faster Equipment - What do you get when you have a website that offers you the best in CrossFit equipment and also has training videos? You get Jon (CEO) and his website that gives you everything in one package. Having him train me....Yeah. Who wouldn't work harder for a person that runs a company called *AGAIN FASTER*

6. Shana Alverson - CrossFit East Decatur, GA. - Another one that I have followed on Twitter and the website is a regular stop for me.  Shana the Blue Haired Unicorn has such a great story.  To be coached by her would be awesome.  From reading and studying I think being coached by Shana would either make me a fierce competitor or I would be walking home all the way to West Ga.

5. Mike and Bethanie Giardina - CrossFit Atlanta, GA. - This husband wife team is awesome.  I first met them at the CrossFit Level 1 Course in Atlanta and they both are above and beyond awesome.  The way people listened to Mike and focused on him had me wanting to do what he does.  And Bethanie had that soft delivery that would fool you cause she could also jump start a battery with her training cues.  I have emailed them since the course and always offer great advice.

4. Andrew Walker - Crossfit Lodi - Since the first time I posted a video on twitter of me doing a WOD and Andrew weighed in on how to fix some mistakes he has been someone I look to for CrossFit advice and instruction.  He is always tweeting about his PR's and calling people out for having excuses.  I think I am a walking excuse, so that would end under his eye.

3. Dawn Fletcher - Fletcher Fitness / Mentality WOD - Ok.  I read Dawns stuff just about daily and if I miss it, I go back and catch up.  Having Dawn as a Coach makes me think of being in the Marines.  I think she would totally break you down mentally and then build you back up with nothing but positive influence and then when you think you are getting there....She breaks you again to start over making you that much tougher.  I think I would have nightmares about Dawn being in my head all the time.  That's kick ass.

2. James Hobart - Reebok CrossFit One - James was a speaker and instructor at my Level 1 Course.  As soon as this dude spoke I was into it.  I have not heard a ton of people speak in person about CrossFit but damn, James has a passion that roped me in.  I could listen to him all day every day.  It would be a dream to be coached by him.

1. Nikki Isbell - CrossFit Cedar Park, TX. - When I first looked up CrossFit years ago, I came across their site and saw a write up by Nikki.  I left a comment and got some great advice.  Years later I came across her again and it all clicked.  Nikki has been the most helpful with all kinds of learning cues in my journey in CrossFit.  She has taken the time to send me personal emails and helpful words that have made it easier to fall in love with CrossFit.  When we go see my parents in Tx, I always wish Cedar Park wasn't two hours away so I could get the chance to train with Nikki.

So there you are.  My TOP 10 and the reasons they are on my list of CrossFit Coaching Crushes.  Follow them, learn from them.  If I can learn from them you can too.  If you are lucky enough to be able to work with them, well I am jealous.

Kiss The Baby


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pointing Out The Positive.....Our Own Cheesy Twinkie

Quick with the tongue and I'm happily married so I don't mean that in a crazy perverted kind of way (she is a freak though), always jumping at the chance to be run off by her local weatherman and never late to the party to give someone a good ol fashioned Go F**K Yourself this week I am highlighting a favorite of mine and many others..

The one,

Thankfully the only

Christina Majaski.

This single mom never lets her bad side show.  She is always in a good mood and just about 100% of the time a huge smart ass.  That is a good thing.  We all need a little smart ass in our oh so busy, so drama filled lives.  Where so many people (including myself) are negative and lead partial miserable lives, people like Christina are helpful to have.

I am laughing while I am writing this because just a couple weeks ago someone was asking the difference between liners and know for women and Christina and her smartass-isms came up with "Think about the difference between Cheese and a Twinkie".  T and I read this while in bed (no we were not doing it....yet) and we laughed till we almost cried.  And that moment is when T and I decided to give ol Majaski the nickname "Cheesy Twinkie"

I cant imagine how hard it is being a single mom. I'm sure it has its good days and its hard days.  You would never know from her mouth that there are hard or bad days.  Now she is also a legal assistant and from having a father that is a lawyer, I know that can make for some long days.  Christina is always tweeting funny shit.  Daily.  She also has a funny, creative and enjoyable blog.  Christina Majaski's Blog.  Make sure you check it out.

She blogs about crazy stuff. (Like Me) Her adventures in I mean her adventure in Dating Land.  Getting gifts from first dates??????  There is plenty more, trust me.

Pointing Out The Positive in Christina is not a hard thing to do.  Just like most of the people I follow on twitter, she is always ready for some shit talking, pot stirring and she will always tell you where you can go.  Even though there is only one of her, I am glad she is on my team.  The Smarter Team!

Check her out on Twitter at @cmajaski or any number of dating sites....Except Christian Mingles.  They wouldn't have her sinning ass.  And she is the last person on Myspace.

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kroy Biermann, Thank You!

This wasn't the beginning.....

Not even close!

I had tweeted Biermann since the early morning on that Friday.  Retweeted his tweets, sent almost what might be considered "begging" messages to him and his wife Kim Zolciak-Biermann about the two tickets he was going to be giving away to a lucky follower.  I mean, Kroy could easily say I was annoying but, I really wanted to go to this game.  Truth be told, I love the Falcons so much, I would love going to any game. A season ticket holder from the past, I was stressing this. Why? No idea!  I was just on a mission.
But know this.  I wasn't some "Oh let me follow Kroy and get some tickets" follower.  I have followed him for the past few seasons now.  I love his energy.  Never quits playing.  I love that he seems to be a fun, involved dad too.  I don't know what made him choose me, but shit I didn't care.  Luck, my funny tweets, my breastfeeding wife, being a dad, a crazy fan, doesn't matter...What mattered was that he sent that tweet and it had my name in it.

So lets go back in time.  A time that had me well, waiting.....

I'm at work.  He is suppose to be announcing the winner.  Nothing yet.  He is busy.  OK, be patient.  This is what I'm thinking to myself.  Driving home.  Still no winner yet.  I call T and ask her to keep an eye on his feed and to let me know what happens.  Still nothing. DAMN IT!  I get home. Now I can check his feed myself and still nothing.  I sit down and begin to start eating the breakfast dinner that T had made.  Then I heard my phone beep. My phone only beeps when I get a text or a direct tweet.  I asked T if she was Retweeting something and she said no.  I had not texted anything in a while so it was strange that my phone beeped. I got up to grab my phone and I almost dropped it.  I couldn't believe it.  That tweet up above...Was on my phone. I had to hand my phone to T to tell me if it was real or not.

T- "It's Real!!!"

That is when I started going crazy.  Fell to the floor, jumping all around the house.  Four kids looking at me like I'm insane.  Screaming "I'm going to the game"  The kids didn't understand. They thought daddy had lost his mind. I couldn't stop shaking. I was so jacked up.  I almost had to go in the garage and do some CrossFit to make sure I didn't hurt myself.
Hiding my tears

I couldn't DM him at first because my phone was beeping non stop.

I sent the DM.  I have to admit, when he didn't reply for a few minutes I thought a huge joke was being played on me.  I was freaking out.

After getting a million "Congrats" tweets from people, my phone stopped smoking and I had calmed down...kind of.

Fast Forward to Sunday.

Game Day.

T's mom was awesome enough to watch the kids. On her birthday.  So that meant that T was going to her very first ever NFL Game.  What a game for her to go to.

Sunday January 20th 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons
3pm Kickoff
Home Sweet Dome.

We parked and were ready for action.  Only had a few blocks to walk to the...

On our way we passed this...
I loved this.

Also got to see
Freddie The Falcon

This was so much fun.  Walking to the Dome, seeing everyone tailgating, music blasting, fans interacting.  This was a special atmosphere. We made it to Falcons Landing.  This is where all the fans go to have fun before the game and do different activities, win things, listen to more music, etc...

Falcons Landing

At this point in the day the feeling was growing that it was time to

I had never been here before, felt weird. Like an awesome kind of weird.

Got our tickets.  Made it through security. No issues.  Grabbed our Rise Up towels and made our way to the Club Level.  First time ever.  Was very nice in there. The different areas to eat, all the tv's, it was really really nice on the Club Level.  While walking around all I can keep thinking about is how lucky I am and how this is so kick ass.

I'm at the BIGGEST Game EVER in the Dome.
Falcons Playoff Game.

Our seats were so good. We could see everything.  Sat down early with some food and drinks and watched the warm ups.  Took at ton of pictures. (More to come-another post) Again, I cant thank Kroy enough for this. I am here and T is at her first game.  I wouldn't want to share this with anyone else except her. She knows how much I love the Falcons and for her to be at the game with me made it better.

So, now we are amped up.  Players are being introduced....

OK. I am screaming so loud.  The Dome is rocking.  Shaking.  Everyone is excited.  T is clapping, plugging her ears....

OK. Those are just some of the great photos T took of #71 Kroy Biermann.  What a great game.  I'm not going to relive the ending, I don't want to cry all over my laptop here and make a mess.  F-ing sucked. Anyways.  The Atlanta Falcons are my team, will be my team.

Personally if I could do this in person, I would. 

I would shake Kroy Biermann's hand, tell him Thank You and let him know that I appreciate all he does for the Atlanta Falcons.  I would Congratulate him on being a father.  I would tell him to have a happy marriage.  I would tell him that he gave T the chance to go to her very first football game.  I would let him know that we had a great time and that I thought we represented him well as proud winners of the two tickets.

The experience was priceless.  Kroy, from the bottom of my heart as a huge fan of yours and the Atlanta Falcons I am honored that you picked me to win your two tickets.  You made me cry, laugh, jump like a nut job, and enjoy a date with my wife T.  You caused my phone to blow up, you were the reason my kids looked at me like I was a 5 year old on Christmas morning.

From myself and speaking for my wife

Kiss The Baby




Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Check This Out

I love me some music. I have no musical talent. NONE.  But damn I love listening to music, singing music and acting crazy and singing some crazy songs too.  I also am that dad that loves to parade around the house singing to the kids.  All kinds of stuff. Most of it doesn't make sense. 

A while back I found out about this dude and watched a video of him singing a Lil Wayne rap song.

The catch - He is singing it while playing a guitar.

There is more - He sang it acoustic.

That's not all - He did this in a coffee shop and the people had NO CLUE.

Check out this Dan Henig Masterpiece.

What makes this so awesome is the people in the coffee shop.

This is a great one too.

So I guess today is get yourself some Dan Henig music day. I know this made some people smile yesterday when I tweeted the links so I am hoping to spread more cheer today.

Check out his website - DanHenig.Com  @DanHenig on twitter

Enjoy and tell me if you have some good covers. Who are your favorite cover artists?

Kiss The Baby





Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pointing Out The Positive - Lets Get Twisted

This dude right here, his name is Christopher.  He is married to a wonderful woman and has a son and a daughter.  See this man to the left.....His crazy ass lives in the coldest ass part of the North. Canada.

I have know this friend for several years now.  I can call him a friend and that is a fact.  I have shared several phones calls with this man over the time that I have know him.  We have laughed at each other and our lives and things that happen with our kids and our wives.

Let me tell you a little bit about this Twisted Fellow.  You can see he is a man.  Like I said a father of two and married to a Chiropractor.  What I want to point out first about this friend is that he has been a huge part of keeping me from going insane during my search for a new job.  He has kept me from jumping off that bridge.  Besides T, he is the first to ask me and many others "How is your day?"  He is just an all around nice person.

Funny too.  Being that he is a hard core follower and teacher of the Word Of God, he is always willing to open a ear and listen to the other side of things, even when it comes to stuff in that area. I know I have had questions about stuff before and questioned things and he is there talking to me and listening where some people just say "Its Gods way and that's the way it is!"

I am not the only person that thinks of him as a hero.  All the people who use computers that he fixes on a daily basis think the same.  Most of the day he is running scans, updating systems and getting the bugs of out peoples process servers. T was even having trouble with one of the kids laptops and he was even awesome enough to take control of it and fix it....Yes from Canada!

Christopher is such a positive influence on so many people.  Where I am calling people all day long being a jerk on the phone tricking and finding cars to repo and beat people up for money, he is helping people with problems and making them feel good.  That is what I want to do.  I want to be able to help people and at the end of the day be happy about it.

I have not even mentioned that he is a regular ol Lance Armstrong on the bike. Without the PED's and all.  Riding to work in the snow and rain, riding for miles and miles to prepare for his crazy looking course rides where he has to bike than carry his bike over some stairs and shit...Nuts. But he is hardcore into that biking and I give him credit for it.

Christopher would tell you about the phone calls and voicemails I leave him when I'm talking shit to him, or singing crazy songs in his phone...Or what about the calls when he is making fun of my Southern accent.  Nothing but positive vibes come out of this dude and if you are lucky enough to know him then you are in a special place.

Check him out on Twittah (Thats Ka-Nade-On accent) Twistedxtian or go to his blog The Blog of a Twisted Christian

Kiss the Baby



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh What A Night...

Late December back in 63...ok that is still a kick ass song. But not for today.

I am not one to ever question T about what she is doing with the kids at home and the homeschooling thing.  The kids are way above their grade level in learning and I am impressed by that.  So I am never surprised to get home and hear about some of the great things that the C's are learning.

Yeah.  That brings me to last night.  I get home, we do snack, brush teeth, I go down to the garage and do Diane (CrossFit Wod, not a woman) and then I help get the kids into bed.  Sitting in bed, T starts to share with me a story about how C4 wasn't so nice and hit C3.  C4 hit C3 in her girly area.  I was then told that C3 told T that she was hit in her "GUTS". Oh yeah. I'm serious.  Then I was hit with this.....

C3 informed T that "Girls Have Guts" and "Boys Have Nuts" ?!?!?!?!?!?!

My first response was to look at T and with a 3 year old sitting there in between us I in regular speaking volume asked "What the F***"

"GUTS" ??????

My 6 year old daughter is now thinking that she has "GUTS"????  At least she does know that boys have NUTS!!

Then I'm told that when T tried telling C3 that what she is talking about is called a Vagina......C3's response to that was...."I'M NOT CALLING IT THAT!!!"

Someone help me.  Please.

Oh it got better.  Just as I'm absorbing all of the details given to me C2 runs into the bedroom and declares that the toilet is clogged but not overflowing on the floor.  WRONG!!! I walk into the kids bathroom and its spilling over onto the floor. T says "Thank God You Are Feeling Better Tonight", as I get towels and soak up water and whatever else was mixed in with the massive amounts of toilet paper. 

After doing my best FEMA cleanup impersonation, I then made it my DOODY, ok DUTY to teach the kids about something called the...

Courtesy Flush.  I told the kids what it was and how to perform a proper courtesy flush and asked them to make this must each and every time they use the toilet.  And also to go easy on the use of the toilet paper. I mean a kids ass isn't but so big. Damn.

I did not think that last night would be such an educational night.

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My 40 year old review of "This Is 40"

T and I went and saw this movie this past weekend.  T had already seen the movie before but she knows me and knows that I love silly humor and that I would die laughing at this movie.  And I did just that.  I think I may have pee'd my pants from laughing a few times.  Don't remember if my jeans were wet from the drink or my pee. I don't know. That's how funny it was.  Just so you know, T enjoyed it just as much the second time as she did the first. I do suggest that you see this movie.

After all of the laughing I thought about how this movie mirrors some parts of our lives.  I do that a lot. Mostly when the movies are about relationships and kids and marriages.  I mean, I am 40. T still has some years to go. But for me. Yes, I am a 40 year old male and I do some of the stuff Paul Rudd's character does in this movie.

This photo above.  Look at it.  Husband in bed with the remote = ME.  Wife reading = T.  Kid jumping all over the bed = Our Kids. 
This part of the movie was so so funny.  He is checking to see if he had hemorrhoids.  He asked his wife to look and see what "IT" was. She was like "HELL NO" but he talked her into it.  As funny and nasty as this looks, I could totally see myself doing this and calling T in and asking her the same question.


The part where Leslie Mann's character gets into it with the boy who was mean to her daughter and his mom....I could totally see T doing that.  I could see T being all sweet and nice and then BAM!!! Tear into some kid who is bullying her kid. Funny. 


So I really encourage you all to see this movie.  You will laugh, think about your own funny marriages and parenthood journeys.  I even asked T as we were leaving..."Think our kids are gonna talk like that as they get older?"  If you have seen then movie, does it relate to you at all?  Do you have the same issues with your kids?

I WILL be buying this on dvd when it comes out.

Kiss The Baby




Monday, January 14, 2013

I laughed...I cried...I soiled my pants.

It started so fast. A deep pass from Ryan to White that almost hit for a long touchdown.  That's ok. The Falcons then scored 20 points and took that nice lead into halftime.  Falcons were doing it all, running the ball, passing the ball and playing good defense.

We were enjoying the nice spread that we had sitting on the living room table, snacking and laughing and having fun watching what was sure to be the first playoff victory under Mike Smith and qb Matty "Ice" Ryan.

That all went away in what seemed like ten seconds.  Seattle came storming back.  The Falcons stopped scoring.  The game was now in doubt.  What happened?

T is telling me to relax.  I'm freaking out. 

Seattle......just like they did last week against the Redskins, had come back to take the lead on my Falcons.  Time seemed to be ticking away way too fast.  With a decent return, Ryan lined up his offense and threw two great passes to get the Falcons into field goal range for the other "Ice" Brother Matt Bryant.  He got ready to kick and just like most coaches do Pete Carroll called that "Ice" timeout to try and mess with the kickers head.

I had gone from thinking this was a sure victory, to thinking we had lost to now thinking "OH SHIT" please hit this kick.

And with the swing of Bryant's foot, the kick was good and the Falcons are now in the NFC Championship Game Sunday at home against the San Fran 49ers. 

Well that was after those tense moments following a botched kickoff.

Falcons know how to do it to me.  Make me laugh and cry during the span of one game.


Lets do it again on Sunday.

Kiss The Baby



Friday, January 11, 2013

Pointing Out The Positive - Lisbeth Darsh Style 3..2..1..Go!

So yesterday I wrote this as an introduction for Pointing Out The Positive (Yesterdays Blog Post) a new series I am going to do each week.

This week I am featuring Lisbeth Darsh. Writer-Thinker-CrossFitter.  Let me say that anyone and everyone that has anything to do with CrossFit knows who she is.  I first came across Lisbeth during this past years CrossFit Games.  My love, obsession and strong desire to learn more about CrossFit have led me to follow so many people on Twitter who are key pieces in the CrossFit World and Lisbeth is one of those important key pieces.

First things first.  Lisbeth is a mom.  I often see her tweet funny things about being a mom.  I can relate to this since I am a parent too.  She is a Grad from Cal State University and also spent time in the Air Force as an Officer.  She was a Coach and Owner at her own Box which was one of the earlier CrossFit affiliates. She not only loves CrossFit, she not only writes about CrossFit, she works for CrossFit HQ.  Lisbeth does many things for CrossFit HQ. Edit writing and directing social media are just some of what she does.

I mentioned before that I became a fan of Lisbeth's during the 2012 CrossFit Games.  She was a social media machine.  Pumping out tweets and photo's like Rich Froning knocking out Muscle Ups.  I even remember her tweeting that she needed an extra account because she was taking so many pictures.  Her work during the Games was so impressive.  She was so on top of everything.  Since then I have found her website Words With Lisbeth and I have read a lot of what she has written. 

Lisbeth is someone that I look at and take notice of how happy she is with her work.  I also notice that so many other people are happy with her work as well.  She touches more than the CrossFit Community, she touches those outside of it.  She posted this a while back and it made so much sense to me. Decide Now is the title.  This hit home with me. Be a miserable sac and hate my job or change it.  So I am working on changing my job. In the meantime I'm trying not to be a miserable sac.

Working at a place that you love and doing something you love must be awesome.  She speaks of hearing cries of pleasure and pain from the awesome athletes at the HQ building.  She tells stories of doing the wod's while she works.  How fun is that!  She snaps pictures of the athletes that some of us only dream about meeting and talking to.  She hangs out with people that I consider Rock Star Hall Of Famers more than I do some of my favorite Atlanta Falcons players.  Her love for CrossFit has to make her more proud of her work and in turn make her want to work harder and have more fun doing it.

I would be willing to bet that if you asked Lisbeth directly she would tell you that she is just a normal woman, mom, employee and dog lover just like some of you but to people like me who are trying to escape a negative environment she isn't normal.  She is awesome.  Thanks Lisbeth for sharing and educating us and including us into YOUR World of CrossFit.

I have never seen Lisbeth write anything negative!  This is why I am Pointing Out The Positive about her.

Find and keep up with her (If you can) @LisbethDarsh on Twitter and Facebook




Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pointing out the Positive

I have lots of things that I am interested in.  I am interested in being a better husband and father and those are the two main areas that I try to focus on in life.  I Have to take care of T and have to make sure I am a great positive example for the 4 C's.

It's not a secret that I am not in love with my place of employment.  That is the understatement of the century.  I used to hide it with drinking and that hasn't been the case for almost six years now.  Then I started using the gym as an escape and that worked for the longest time.  As work got worse so did the ability to hide my anger and frustration.

One of the great things about having a blog and being into social media is that I come across, meet and talk to people that are so different.  I have had the ability to learn so much about what others do.  I have learned about different jobs which had made me want to learn how to do new things in my life.  And while trying and doing these new things, I am bringing along the wife and kids for the ride.

So I thought that while I am miserable working where I work, I should introduce you to some of the people who have jobs that I think are absolutely awesome.  I will let you meet a new person each week.  These are the people that help me make it through the day and keep that glimmer of hope that I will move on from this office buried deep in the depths of hell and find a place of employment among the doves in the sky flying high. 

That was too much right?  Too Dramatic?

First up tomorrow is Lisbeth Darsh - Writer. Thinker. CrossFitter! Employee of CrossFit HQ

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whirlpool Appliances....For Better or Worse

Or Worse!! The Worst!!

I feel like there are times when voices have to be raised and heard.  There are times when things happen and you have to take a stand a make a point and stir the pot to get the correct result. Most of the times this is the case when dealing with larger companies that don't care about US the customer.  These larger companies don't care because they know that the happy consumer probably outweighs the unhappy one.

Whirlpool.  I am not adding any links to them (your site).

I am writing this blog post to bring some attention to what I feel is an injustice that is being handed out to my parents.  First a quick background on my parents.  Really my dad.  My father is a lawyer.  A JAG. Judge Advocate General.  Been in the Military for more than 30 years.  Now this isn't a knock but when it comes to taking care of stuff my father is above and beyond the clean kind of person.  I mean way above and beyond.  But he takes care of his things and that is why their personal belongings last a long time and why they never feel bad for spending extra money on things they purchase.  He and my mom take very good care of their things and that is a fact.

So my parents had their dream house built in Texas.  It took a while to build due to the special details and all the extra bells and whistles that were added.  I'm talking about custom floors, cabinets, lower counter tops, I mean built to the max.  Along with all of this they had a separate laundry room built for their brand new Whirlpool Washer FL 10-Cycle 4 TMP Lunar Silver Washer with Steam. Item #WFW9550WL, and the price was $1094. They also bought the matching dryer.

So my parents bought all of the appliances for the entire house in January of 2011 while the house was being built. It took a while for the house to get finished. My parents didn't move into the house and ALL of the appliances in the home didn't start getting used until October 2011.  We went to visit my parents before Christmas and the washing machine was acting up. I was on the phone this weekend with my mom and I was so shocked and actually so mad when they told me that the washing machine was not working and it needed to be fixed.  Someone had come out to look at it and told them it was the drum and that it would cost more to fix it than to go out and buy a new one.

I was so livid for them. I couldn't believe that the washing machine was messed up and that Whirlpool Corp. wouldn't take care of this.  My parents have no problem spending money, but this is nuts.  A washing machine that has been in use for a little over a year and only does the lightest of loads for two people should not be having drum issues.....UNLESS it is something that is an issue with the actual manufacturer. 

We have had our washing machine for several years and we do loads for six and we have never had a drum problem.  But I guess that is because we didn't buy a sorry brand of machinery from Whirlpool.  I will never spend money on anything of theirs.  I will never endorse any of these products.  I cant tell my parents what to do and what to spend money on but I am so mad that they have been forced to make another purchase of a washing machine simply because Whirlpool cant take the blame, credit, responsibility for that product of theirs and see that something had to be wrong with that washing machine.

So Whirlpool. This washing machine looks new right. Yeah. I thought so.  Whirlpool, I will be calling, tweeting, blogging and telling everyone I can about your sorry attempt at service.  You should not only offer my parents a NEW washer but you should also send them a statement of apology for wasting their time and money.  Is this really how you want to conduct business?  I may not be a big shot writer, reporter or some larger than life business man but I am a father, husband and person that can stir the pot.  I will be nice about it, but I am hoping that you will take the correct action to fix this for my parents.

I hope you email me at

Kiss The Baby


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