Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Check This Out

I love me some music. I have no musical talent. NONE.  But damn I love listening to music, singing music and acting crazy and singing some crazy songs too.  I also am that dad that loves to parade around the house singing to the kids.  All kinds of stuff. Most of it doesn't make sense. 

A while back I found out about this dude and watched a video of him singing a Lil Wayne rap song.

The catch - He is singing it while playing a guitar.

There is more - He sang it acoustic.

That's not all - He did this in a coffee shop and the people had NO CLUE.

Check out this Dan Henig Masterpiece.

What makes this so awesome is the people in the coffee shop.

This is a great one too.

So I guess today is get yourself some Dan Henig music day. I know this made some people smile yesterday when I tweeted the links so I am hoping to spread more cheer today.

Check out his website - DanHenig.Com  @DanHenig on twitter

Enjoy and tell me if you have some good covers. Who are your favorite cover artists?

Kiss The Baby




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