Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goals 2013

Goals.  That is what I have.

I am not a Resolution person.  Why wait until the first of the year to try and change something or make something better.  If it is that important to you then you should have started it sooner.

Now setting Goals and New Goals, that is a plan. 

I have goals.  Some of them are just for me and some of them are for my family.

Personal Goals are to learn more Crossfit and become better, faster and stronger.  I need to focus more and learn more so I can achieve my personal goals in Crossfit. Some of those personal goals are to learn the movements and be better at them.  Another goal is to get stronger at those movements and achieve new records.  If I can hit those goals then I will become faster in all those areas.  Its hard learning how to do some of the lifts and exercises when doing them by myself, but since I cant afford to join the actual CrossFit box, I will just continue to do it on my own and try to gain that knowledge.  I am also trying to decide if I will renew my membership at the global gym or if I will buy workout stuff for the house.  Im having a hard time finding the stuff to buy at a reasonable price.

I will also continue to eat healthy. Of course I have to eat by my kidney stone oxalate diet so that pretty much means Im going to eat healthy anyways.

I still have the goal to find a new job.  I have been looking and will continue to look and that means Im looking in other states as well. Gotta go where the money is and if I can find a place that makes all of us happy, then that would be a plus.

A goal I have which is a every year goal is to be more patient and to learn how to not be so frustrated so easily.  I have the hardest time learning how to relax but I need to work on it.

Kiss the Baby



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