Monday, January 14, 2013

I laughed...I cried...I soiled my pants.

It started so fast. A deep pass from Ryan to White that almost hit for a long touchdown.  That's ok. The Falcons then scored 20 points and took that nice lead into halftime.  Falcons were doing it all, running the ball, passing the ball and playing good defense.

We were enjoying the nice spread that we had sitting on the living room table, snacking and laughing and having fun watching what was sure to be the first playoff victory under Mike Smith and qb Matty "Ice" Ryan.

That all went away in what seemed like ten seconds.  Seattle came storming back.  The Falcons stopped scoring.  The game was now in doubt.  What happened?

T is telling me to relax.  I'm freaking out. 

Seattle......just like they did last week against the Redskins, had come back to take the lead on my Falcons.  Time seemed to be ticking away way too fast.  With a decent return, Ryan lined up his offense and threw two great passes to get the Falcons into field goal range for the other "Ice" Brother Matt Bryant.  He got ready to kick and just like most coaches do Pete Carroll called that "Ice" timeout to try and mess with the kickers head.

I had gone from thinking this was a sure victory, to thinking we had lost to now thinking "OH SHIT" please hit this kick.

And with the swing of Bryant's foot, the kick was good and the Falcons are now in the NFC Championship Game Sunday at home against the San Fran 49ers. 

Well that was after those tense moments following a botched kickoff.

Falcons know how to do it to me.  Make me laugh and cry during the span of one game.


Lets do it again on Sunday.

Kiss The Baby



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