Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I really do look like him...Really!! Do I?

I'm not the best at taking pictures and whenever I change my Twitter picture up, I am usually informed that I do a horrible job at that too. I am told that I pick ugly pictures and then T does a wonderful job of changing it up for me.  I never argue with her about what picture she chooses for my avi because if I do she will then use the one of me bending over while I have nothing on but my boxer briefs.

So it is what it is.

Well I had what I thought was a great pic.  I was bored while sitting in line on Black Thursday Night at Wal Mart waiting to get the kids a gift.
So this is the picture I had taken. I mean, I think I look damn good. For me I guess.  Well T didn't think so. She hated it.

So this is the one she decided to put up as my avi.

Well as soon as she posted that pic as my avi, Dana K made a comment that I look like Bradley Cooper.  I wasn't sure if she meant Bradley Scooper, or Ridley Blooper but I had to ask again to make sure...She was indeed talking about the one and only hot stud dude, actor and all the time love interest of women everywhere Bradley Cooper.

--------- This guy right here.  She said I look like him.  No I know she is expecting her and Chris' second child, so she may or may not have been high or doped up on something but she even said that to T.  Now I'm pretty happy with what I look like and I'm married to a hot wife and I have four great kids, but hell yeah.....Someone tells me I look like this guy....I'm done fighting.  I usually get into some great parenting, adult debates with her but I'm going to let her win this fight.
Here is another one of, I mean Bradley.  I don't know if I have ever wore a bow tie but shit, if I looked like that.....I wear a bow tie...even with a t-shirt.

So again being that I am a married man, I want to do what I can to express my deepest thanks to Dana.  She made me feel like a superstar, sexy stud that makes millions of dollars and has looks that could buy an island.  So for this I am asking her husband Chris to put on his sailor uniform and do his best Magic Mike dance that he can and perform whatever duty (insert naughty thought) Dana wants him to.

Thanks Dana.  Chris...just do it for me man...Well for her and you.

And now I can keep telling T that I look like Bradley Cooper and she can doesn't have to believe me, but I can feel like I believe it when I'm doing my CrossFit wods in the garage and maybe I will end up really looking like this one day

Kiss The Baby



Dana K January 8, 2013 at 4:18 PM   Reply to

LOL I am so glad I made your day with that compliment.

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