Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kroy Biermann, Thank You!

This wasn't the beginning.....

Not even close!

I had tweeted Biermann since the early morning on that Friday.  Retweeted his tweets, sent almost what might be considered "begging" messages to him and his wife Kim Zolciak-Biermann about the two tickets he was going to be giving away to a lucky follower.  I mean, Kroy could easily say I was annoying but, I really wanted to go to this game.  Truth be told, I love the Falcons so much, I would love going to any game. A season ticket holder from the past, I was stressing this. Why? No idea!  I was just on a mission.
But know this.  I wasn't some "Oh let me follow Kroy and get some tickets" follower.  I have followed him for the past few seasons now.  I love his energy.  Never quits playing.  I love that he seems to be a fun, involved dad too.  I don't know what made him choose me, but shit I didn't care.  Luck, my funny tweets, my breastfeeding wife, being a dad, a crazy fan, doesn't matter...What mattered was that he sent that tweet and it had my name in it.

So lets go back in time.  A time that had me well, waiting.....

I'm at work.  He is suppose to be announcing the winner.  Nothing yet.  He is busy.  OK, be patient.  This is what I'm thinking to myself.  Driving home.  Still no winner yet.  I call T and ask her to keep an eye on his feed and to let me know what happens.  Still nothing. DAMN IT!  I get home. Now I can check his feed myself and still nothing.  I sit down and begin to start eating the breakfast dinner that T had made.  Then I heard my phone beep. My phone only beeps when I get a text or a direct tweet.  I asked T if she was Retweeting something and she said no.  I had not texted anything in a while so it was strange that my phone beeped. I got up to grab my phone and I almost dropped it.  I couldn't believe it.  That tweet up above...Was on my phone. I had to hand my phone to T to tell me if it was real or not.

T- "It's Real!!!"

That is when I started going crazy.  Fell to the floor, jumping all around the house.  Four kids looking at me like I'm insane.  Screaming "I'm going to the game"  The kids didn't understand. They thought daddy had lost his mind. I couldn't stop shaking. I was so jacked up.  I almost had to go in the garage and do some CrossFit to make sure I didn't hurt myself.
Hiding my tears

I couldn't DM him at first because my phone was beeping non stop.

I sent the DM.  I have to admit, when he didn't reply for a few minutes I thought a huge joke was being played on me.  I was freaking out.

After getting a million "Congrats" tweets from people, my phone stopped smoking and I had calmed down...kind of.

Fast Forward to Sunday.

Game Day.

T's mom was awesome enough to watch the kids. On her birthday.  So that meant that T was going to her very first ever NFL Game.  What a game for her to go to.

Sunday January 20th 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons
3pm Kickoff
Home Sweet Dome.

We parked and were ready for action.  Only had a few blocks to walk to the...

On our way we passed this...
I loved this.

Also got to see
Freddie The Falcon

This was so much fun.  Walking to the Dome, seeing everyone tailgating, music blasting, fans interacting.  This was a special atmosphere. We made it to Falcons Landing.  This is where all the fans go to have fun before the game and do different activities, win things, listen to more music, etc...

Falcons Landing

At this point in the day the feeling was growing that it was time to

I had never been here before, felt weird. Like an awesome kind of weird.

Got our tickets.  Made it through security. No issues.  Grabbed our Rise Up towels and made our way to the Club Level.  First time ever.  Was very nice in there. The different areas to eat, all the tv's, it was really really nice on the Club Level.  While walking around all I can keep thinking about is how lucky I am and how this is so kick ass.

I'm at the BIGGEST Game EVER in the Dome.
Falcons Playoff Game.

Our seats were so good. We could see everything.  Sat down early with some food and drinks and watched the warm ups.  Took at ton of pictures. (More to come-another post) Again, I cant thank Kroy enough for this. I am here and T is at her first game.  I wouldn't want to share this with anyone else except her. She knows how much I love the Falcons and for her to be at the game with me made it better.

So, now we are amped up.  Players are being introduced....

OK. I am screaming so loud.  The Dome is rocking.  Shaking.  Everyone is excited.  T is clapping, plugging her ears....

OK. Those are just some of the great photos T took of #71 Kroy Biermann.  What a great game.  I'm not going to relive the ending, I don't want to cry all over my laptop here and make a mess.  F-ing sucked. Anyways.  The Atlanta Falcons are my team, will be my team.

Personally if I could do this in person, I would. 

I would shake Kroy Biermann's hand, tell him Thank You and let him know that I appreciate all he does for the Atlanta Falcons.  I would Congratulate him on being a father.  I would tell him to have a happy marriage.  I would tell him that he gave T the chance to go to her very first football game.  I would let him know that we had a great time and that I thought we represented him well as proud winners of the two tickets.

The experience was priceless.  Kroy, from the bottom of my heart as a huge fan of yours and the Atlanta Falcons I am honored that you picked me to win your two tickets.  You made me cry, laugh, jump like a nut job, and enjoy a date with my wife T.  You caused my phone to blow up, you were the reason my kids looked at me like I was a 5 year old on Christmas morning.

From myself and speaking for my wife

Kiss The Baby



Nancy January 25, 2013 at 1:35 PM   Reply to

HOW PRECIOUS!! Love this post. Happy for y'all!

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